LCPS “Equity Committee” Instructs LCPS School Board to Review Improper Use Of Pronouns to Thwart Bullying

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Where Do We Live? “Significant Discussion Around the Improper Use of Pronouns”

People don’t have to like me or what I post. There’s not a thing you can say that will sway me from posting facts about what LCPS is doing OR not doing. Not my facts, but LCPS’s. COVID lockdown has had everyone so beside themselves and only focused on getting kids back in school. The level of effort was tremendous, but in the end, LCPS and the state of VA did and will do what they want. COVID lockdown aside, what has LCPS been working on while everyone was distracted with COVID:

  • Indoctrination into critical race theory
  • COVID vaccine “equity”. That’s correct, when the vaccine is available “black and brown” people should be first in line. Why? Do any white parents believe their kids health should take a back seat because of this absurd “equity” BS? If you answer “yes” then consider adoption because their is NOTHING more important than your kids, especially this “equity” scheme
  • Black student only clubs in schools
  • White supremacy, convincing parents and students that they really are racist because they are white and the only way to fix that is to adopt and agree with all the BS they are pushing
  • Marxism
  • Now they are working to develop disciplinary actions for improper use of pronouns?
  • **Is there nothing else important to work on? Why the hell does everything revolve around this equity farce and race? Why are parents willing to allow their kids education, at every turn, to be governed and guided by “equity” and race?**

Maybe I’m missing something, but why is there such a lack of concern with this equity push? Does everyone think this is just about “equality”? What as parents did you do before this equity push came along? Did you not teach your kids that we’re all equal? I bet you did, which you should have. Did you teach your kids to apologize when they did something wrong? I bet you did, which you should have. So then why do we need for our entire educational system to be hijacked by the NAACP, MSAAC and an incompetent school board to tell you and your kids that your racists and contribute to white supremacy and to apologize for things you had nothing to do with? Has everyone forgotten what Martin Luther King said?

At what point can society move forward? Living in a world of resentments is one of the most unhealthy things a person can do. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, don’t make a decision based on the title of an article and consider looking at what this equity push is all about with the same vigor you did with getting kids back in school.

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