LCPS Discipline Disproportionality Stats. Are These Rates Really So Bad That The NAACP Needs to Swoop In And Insists on Significant Reform? Sometimes Kids Just Get Into Trouble and Sometimes The Punishment Fits the Crime

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The disciplinary stats in this slide deck hardly require that LCPS completely revamp their current policies so that punishments are more “equitable”. If a kid does something wrong, regardless of skin color, then discipline may be necessary and if that means out of school suspension, so be it. The numbers in this LCPS slide deck on “Discipline Disproportionality” are not even being close to a critical stage that warrants an overhaul. Are we supposed to be overly concerned with numbers, percentages and bar charts? Nope, they mean nothing because you will find zero references to any incidents that make up these numbers, percentages and bar charts. So how are we really supposed to understand what these numbers mean? The NAACP wants you to take their word for it and they will tell LCPS what to do, how to do it and when. Did I mention that LCPS will be granting the NAACP access to ALL school disciplinary records, for all schools and for all students whenever they want? Yup, the NAACP Education Committee lead said that they “want it to be known that they (NAACP) are looking and watching”. Talk about big brother. How is this ok? How is this acceptable with any parent?

Does the NAACP ever discuss anything or do they only issue demands, and try to scare and bully people because of the skin color they claim to represent? They have been using race as a weapon for more than (100) years, which is a communist inspired tactic. With all of their bitching and complaining, ask yourself, what has the NAACP actually done for the people they claim to represent? Everything is centered around victimization, racism and scare tactics. Did you know that they have been talking about “inequality” in education for (100) years? Maybe they need to be fired if they have not been able to accomplish “equality” in education. Maybe the equality in education is already there but they keep screwing it up with their inflated claims and just need to fade away.

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