Educational Equity Services

Equity-Centered Professional Learning and Coaching

Every client receives a uniquely tailored proposal, and we’ve had great success implementing these three institutes virtually.

Equity in Education:

Developing Practices for Equitable Schooling

The Equity Collaborative will lead participants in a series of equity learning sessions that will help develop their racial literacy and increase their commitment to equity. The sessions are based on the belief that helping adults to develop an equity-centered approach to everything they do is the key to achieving equity in school environments. This institute is focused on finding common definitions of equity, oppression, and culturally responsive actions, as well as developing an approach to grow, change, and better serve our most marginalized students and families. Participants should leave the series with a commitment to new forms of practice that will enhance equity in their school. The content of the learning sessions can be customized to include any combination of the following topics from our core learning series:

  • Session 1: What is Equity?
  • Session 2: Learning to Listen Across Difference
  • Session 3: Exploring Implicit Bias
  • Session 4: Understanding Systemic Oppression and Privilege
  • Session 5: Strengths Based Approaches to Equity
  • Session 6: Developing Your Approach for Anti-Racism

 Equity-Centered Leadership and Coaching:

Developing Equity-Centered Facilitative Leaders

This institute is our introduction to Equity-Centered Leadership and Coaching, one of our primary practices for creating and supporting systemic change. We believe effective coaching is the key to supporting adults responsible for achieving equity in our schools. This institute begins with a focus on the two skills we believe make for strong coaching: listening across differences and asking questions that promote growth and change. Equity leadership requires skill and strategy to support educators in changing their practice. Developing an equity lens to analyze inequities is inadequate to bring about change, and pointing out inequities without providing supported solutions is a sure way to build up resistance to change efforts. Every learning institution can benefit from a set of skilled equity leaders who work horizontally across departments and schools to interrupt inequity and build more supportive learning environments. These leaders are key to implementing equity change and responding to inevitable resistance and rough spots. This series can be four or six sessions depending on whether the client needs assistance with team leadership. The content of the sessions could include any of the following:

  • Session 1: Using an Equity Transformation Frame
  • Session 2: Listening as a Culturally Responsive Skill
  • Session 3: Addressing Inequities through Coaching
  • Session 4: Practice Using Coaching Skills to Support Adults to Grow and Change
  • Session 5: Managing Team Dynamics for Multiple Perspectives
  • Session 6: Facilitating Groups to Grow and Change

Advanced Practice Series:

Equity Leadership through a Critical Race Theory Lens

This institute is our series for advanced conversations about equity, all driven through an approach that turns critical race theory into practices for building equitable learning environments. The sessions focus on applying Critical Race Theory as a form of practice for interrupting systemic racism and creating more equitable learning environments. These conversations are for equity practitioners who are ready to move from changes in their own practice to changes that interrupt the existing system of schooling.

  • Session 1: Intro to Critical Race Theory
  • Session 2: Understanding and Supporting Positive Racial Identity Development
  • Session 3: A Walk in their Kicks: Literacy for Black Males
  • Session 4: Students’ Six: Students Teaching Teachers Culturally Proficient Teaching Strategies
  • Session 5: Adaptive Leadership for Equity