About The Equity Collaborative

I think to better understand the poisonous Critical Race Theory ideology that’s been thrust onto and into the LCPS and Loudoun County community, it would help to have an understanding of who LCPS is paying over $1,000,000 on consulting fees too. Who are they? What exactly do they provide? What is their philosophy? What do some of their presentations look like. Below is a simple summary about The Equity Collaborative and the people involved. Things get a bit more interesting in the next section “What is Equity Coaching” and their primary policy and “best practices”. Think about waterboarding

Beyond our experience as educators, coaches, and professional developers, what makes The Equity Collaborative unique is an effective and pressure-tested approach to adult learning.

Our approach promotes (read these points carefully and remember them):

  • high levels of engagement among participants,
  • intrinsic motivation to change,
  • the adoption of new mindsets, beliefs, and values that facilitate shifts in behavior and practice, and
  • capacity-building among leaders, coaches, and educators in the skills that seed sustainable organization change.

We bring a deep knowledge of school systems, from the classroom level to the central office to the board level. We’ve taught in diverse public schools, designed and led schools, been district-level administrators, and offered innovative professional development and coaching services. We also have a broad network of content experts with whom we subcontract as needed to ensure that every piece of every contract is delivered with a high level of expertise and precision.