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LCPS Broad Run Rep Andrew Hoyler Is a Nice Guy But… is not the time to experiment on our kids with a “hopey changey” mentality.

Andrew is a nice guy, but we need someone that will not carry Ziegler’s water for him. For more than a year, there have been countless requests for Ziegler to step down or for the board to fire him. Well, none of that has happened. Once Hoyler was hand-picked to fill the vacant Broad Run district after Leslie King passed away, he was well aware of all of the outrage in Loudoun Schools and particularly with Superintendent Ziegler. Yet in February 2022, he finds himself on Team Ziegler. I think he forgets that Ziegler WORKS for the SB and not the other way around.

There is a special for (2) LCPS School Board election in November this year and Andrew Hoyler’s Broad Run District is one of those seats. All but one LCPS School Board member is supported by radical progressives, and Andrew is being supported by the very same woman, Beth Barts, that launched attacks against parents with her Chardonnay Antifa crew, and quickly became public enemy #1. In fact, Beth Barts was Fight for Schools number one focus when the recall process started. Unfortunately, Barts quit right before Fight for Schools was ready to take her down. FFS, led by Ian Prior, was laser focused and had all of the “receipts” to make an example out of Barts and her actions. Based on her own accord and through FFS discoveries, Barts quickly became the poster child for how a school board member should not act. Andrew Hoyler has not at all acted like Barts, but with Barts as his campaign fundraiser, there are little red flags that go up.

Add to this Andrew recently said of Ziegler (who is the most hated superintendent in Loudoun (ever) and across the country) video below:

“I stand behind him”, •“He is our leader”“He has my support”

I think Andrew is a helluva nice guy, with some good ideas, and good intentions. However, given the state of our school system, his backing by Barts and devotion to Ziegler, we need a seasoned Mama Bear. Someone who has the proper credentials to be an LCPS SB rep; kids in LCPS, 20+ years experience working with kids with behavioral issues & their parents. Someone who intimately understands the details and nuances of the material being crammed down our kids throats (tenets of CRT and social emotional learning).

Now is not the time to hope a school board rep will do what you ask of him, but for one that knows what needs to be done and one that does not have an allegiance to Ziegler.

I think Andrew has great potential to hold a Democrat political position in the near future, but the time to experiment on our kids with a “hopey changey” mentality has got to end. We need a seasoned mom, a hardened parent vet.

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