It’s Here! Critical Race Theory (CRT) For Dummies!

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Just the suggestion of these (3) words together can make people cringe. Not just because of what Critical Race Theory is but because these (3) words imply in-depth study, lots of research and hours of reading. There’s some truth to that BUT the basic concepts, which are the foundation of CRT, do NOT require extensive studying or a specialized degree. The flashcards below can definitely help to get over that hurdle. In all honesty, if you have common sense, you’ll read some of these ideological beliefs and instinctually know it’s just plain stupid, hateful and confusing, asking yourself “How can anyone believe this garbage?” Hope it helps!

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16 thoughts on “It’s Here! Critical Race Theory (CRT) For Dummies!

  1. Before CRT is taught shouldn’t some context be taught first. Before America became a White Supremist Country there had to be Whites and Non-Whites (American Indians can’t be called Red, because that word is derogatory even though the terms White, and Red to describe people from two different Continents came about at exactly the same time in history. I am limited for space so I will try and be concise) The Reason that America is the Great Country that it is, is because Whites America (after defeating the Indians) made America into the Great Country that it is. Sure, people will over play the role of slaves (Not all that productive, made a thousand families rich but did not effect the other Millions of people living in the country) and the role of Chinese building railroads (The railroad would have been built anyway) but the vast majority of America’s Greatness (99.998%) is due to people of European Decent having a brand-new place to spread their physical and mental wings So to Speak/Write. That Is a Historical Fact. Teach that in School before teaching CRT. What I wrote above may offend some (The usual crowd) but that can’t take away that is IS a fact. If other races had “discovered” America all you have to do is look at their pathetic homeland to see that IF they defeated the American Indian, they would have turned America into a little version of their home country and that almost always is a backwards cesspit. That is the truth no matter whose feelings it hurts

  2. I’ve done some reading of CRT and my first impression is that while it purports to investigate racism in a more subtle and nuanced manner, now that virtually all legally encoded racism and segregation have been banished, it’s most about splitting hairs and counting the number of angels that can occupy the head of a pin. And all with the professed purpose of identifying racism that still exists, perhaps latently, within the hearts of our nation’s citizens and how it afflicts society. All very intellectual and filled with supercilious language. Ugh. How about simply treating one another as we’d like to be treated ourselves. I know, I know, I’m inherently racist.

  3. Elaines’ comments are taken directly from card #1 point #5. The current dictator in office signed over 40 executive orders in his first 10 days and bypassed legislation to approve those changes. Trump signed 9 in that time. But let’s not recognize the facts, as they might obscure ones fake agenda – card #2 last hashtag bullet point. FBI criminal database statistics prove blacks are not killed by police at higher rates. But the media certainly wants its sheep followers to believe that. 93% of media is either moderate or far left liberal in a study conducted in2014.

  4. you tried it:
    I have done such research and spoke with several individuals pushing CRT. This is pretty much accurate. Some items are pushing a bit but for the most part CRT is not an open system and does not deal with all races of people.

  5. CRT is just another form of racism. My family origins is Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Brazil and Different parts of Africa. That is not abnormal for Americans. So Drop CRT and go forward.

  6. to Gene Chambers: Using “Methinks” to proclaim we are all “full of shit” is beyond laughable and
    completely opposes the very CRT dogma that you seem to posses or believe in. If you follow CRT to it’s very root, the ultimate goal is to remove contrary “opinions” and “beliefs”, those that are contrary to a Neo-Marxist-like existence, where “free will” need not be necessary. In other words, one will not need to “think” or make decisions based on anything other than what the state decries as absolute, at which point “methinks” is unnecessary. Your declaration of “Methinks” is the ultimate (and again, laughable) Catch 22. A world in which love, joy, inspiration, and responsibility is replaced by a numb mental existence without purpose. Ithinks (me) that you haven’t truly “thinked”, and that the smell of shit emanates from within.

  7. To: You Tried It
    Yeah. Typically shallow, low information Troll unless you can leave some sources that agree with you. If you belive the examples are the opposite of reality you might at least give one example instead of pulling the pin on the social grenade and running away.

  8. CRT is just another trope that the racists, white supremacists and ignoramuses use to whip up the masses of under-educated and folks who are pretty dumb to a fever pitch so that the powers that be can maintain power over them. The powers that be are corporations, groups like the KKK and white supremacists who infiltrate our military and the police forces in small towns of America, rightists agitators like Trump supporters who would overthrow the government to prop up a dictator. Nazi’s surround Trump, his best friends and supporters.
    Don’t worry about the commies as they are becoming more capitalistic than America, as an example in China where they might execute a factory owner if he did not perform well.
    What if all of us just treated each other with decency and cops treated young black men the way they would want their own kids to be treated when they were arrested. But, you know lots of Americans beat and kill their kids, so I don’t know how we could keep those folks off our police forces.
    All I can say is that if you try to take our socialist Social Security away from us old folks, we will come for you and hang you from any high place we can find, if we don’t beat you to death!!

  9. To: You Tried This,
    I looked up the first founders and I have read enough of CRT to know it is communist propaganda. But I don’t even have to do that to know what it is doing to our children when you have a white college students saying they are oppressors and kissing the feet of the “oppressed.” Or hearing other college kids making statements that white people are inherently racist, they have no culture and they are all white supremacists. CRT is doing exactly what it was intended to do, and that is cause division. Once we are divided we are weak and we will fall and that is exactly what they want. CRT is nothing but Marxist/Communist propaganda.

  10. This is all true, guys. This is the hidden agenda that everyone doesn’t see. Call me whatever, I will not argue, but, in opposition, I say, “do YOUR research.”

  11. They are absolutely NOT! James has read and digested all the cult literature of CRT. I have read and digested many of the original literature and I would call it literature, not research. Its pathetic, subjective and cultish. Read Introduction to CRT 2nd ed if you want. Better still – read Cynical Theories by Pluckrose and Lindsay to get the background and the inter-relationship between the various laughably called “disciplines”.

  12. Not sure if this is writer was trying to be sarcastic but these statements regarding CRT are actually the OPPOSITE of the theory. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your own research via an academic source. You may want to first look up the founders of the theory and go from there.

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