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And people thought I was toxic! Let’s look at the Loudoun County Democrats mousey hood ornament Atoosa Reaser, current LCPS SB member and a candidate for Delegate VA D-27. This woman has obstructed parents and students at every turn over the past few years. On December 13, 2022, Mousey said she was the very first person to insist that the creepy “Independent Report” be released regarding the LCPS rape and sexual assault. Then on January 24, 2023, she was quiet as a mouse when it came to commenting on Tiffany Polifko’s recommendation to schedule a vote to release the report. Mousey is also an active member of Chardonnay Antifa. Yup the same Chardonnay Antifa that targeted PACT and parents in 2021. Mousey is weak, no spine and apparently cannot think for herself, Serotkin gives Mousey her marching orders. Remember the time Mousey colluded with the NAACP to have one of her fellow SB members removed? Yeah, Mousey redefines “toxic”.

Add to this that despite being the Loudoun County Democrats puppet, Mousey is WAYYY down in fundraising for her run at VA D-27. Kannan Srinivasan, another Democrat candidate for VA D-27, is CRUSHING her in fundraising. I realize it’s still early in the primary season BUT, Srinivasan does have the baggage Mousey has. Could Atoosa Reaser be facing indictment IF the internal report comes out? Free advice Democrats, drop Atoosa. She is absolutely TOXIC and we have entire half of school year to go. Things will not improve for her or you. Remember Nick Gothard? Yeah, you backed him despite the VA Democrats telling you otherwise.

As far as Mr. Potato, Ian Serotkin goes, besides taking money from Soros, controlling Atoosa, and silencing Corbo, how could this clown even be a contender for LCPS At-Large? Loudoun Democrats, you need to look at this loser as well. Now that he’s chair he has a God like complex and he continues to obstruct the release of the internal report. Why? Indictment concerns.

Forget that Denise Corbo is never in person, she’s provided legit medical paperwork. Like it or not, this is where we are. Understanding & accepting this will help you to realize that by Serotkin being a chauvinist, our LCPS At-Large SB member is not even being allowed to speak. This is a huge disservice to the entire LCPS community. Why is Serotkin so scared of Corbo? Is he just being a macho chauvinist and exercising his newfound power to silence her? Even if you don’t agree with Corbo on anything, can’t we all agree that Serotkin is being vindictive for some personal reason, screwing the community?

If you think about it, how smart is it for Loudoun Democrats to back Reaser and Serotkin? Two individuals could be facing indictment charges. Democrats running criminals as candidates is nothing new, but Lordy, two candidates as toxic as these two, really?

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