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Introducing The New “PACT Twitter” Page, Dedicated To All Real-Time @PACTstopcrt Tweets



PACT finally found a Twitter Plug-In for our website that will provide people with real-time @PACTstopcrt Twitter posts.  Why?  A few reasons:


  1. It allows us to be transparent and it will save the creeps at Loudoun-4-All some time when they think they have a “gotcha” Tweet moment to go after me or others that may be associated with PACT.  It’s called BEING TRANSPARENT
  2. There are quite a few people that are still not on Twitter and we don’t always post on our website what we Tweet.  This way, people can still enjoy getting updates and can keep tabs on the leftist riff-raff in Loudoun County and elsewhere
  3. Why not?


Our new page is called “PACT Tweets” (clicking on it will take you there).  Additionally, any videos that we may have posted on Twitter can be viewed from within the new PACT Twitter page without the need to go to Twitter or open another tab.



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