How to Destroy the Racist Argument Using the Mirror Technique!

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Don’t Back Down – Winning a Name Calling Battle is Easier Than You Think

Since the Democrat Party no longer has the Russian collusion narrative to fall back on, the entire party, starting with their leaders, and presidential front runners are on to their next bogus delusion: “White nationalist.” These sentiments are used against Donald Trump and Conservatives in an endless barrage by Mainstream Media commentators, and Democrat presidential hopefuls several times an hour. They are stating, as a fact that President Trump is a racist, even though he has condemned White supremacy’s “hatred, bigotry, and violence” many times in the past, and again as recently as last Monday. Apparently, this is not good enough for Democrats. Nothing ever is.

Democrat Twitter users, in the same way, have utterly devolved into routinely shutting down Conservative speech with “you’re a racist” for almost any situation. How many times have you been called a racist for supporting the president, or for a response you read that has absolutely no truth to it? Countless times if you are anything like me. When someone calls you a racist, it’s natural that you want to defend yourself. The words are revolting. The Trump supporters I know are some of the most accepting, caring people we have in our society. They are colorblind. But, somehow, according to Democrats, by supporting Donald Trump, we instantly become the KKK and Nazi Grand Wizards by proxy; it’s absolutely moronic.

I am going to let you in on a little secret. I have been developing a technique that is almost flawless regarding how to combat the Democrats’ little racist game. Fox News, Conservative radio hosts, podcasters, and even the president, prior to his August 9th tweet, are not really using any of what I’m about to tell you about how to fight back and stop their argument dead in its tracks, quickly and effectively. It works in person, and in any social media setting.

Washington Republicans are Weak Fighters

A typical exchange, when Democrats start in on Republicans with the “you’re a racist” or “Trump is a White nationalist” argument, unfolds like this with a Washington Republican: Republicans respond with “That’s a ridiculous argument.” Or “We need to turn down the rhetoric.” They don’t even fight back! Those kind of weak responses are really an invitation to take more Democrat abuse. I, for one, am sick to death of it. It’s time to fight fire, with fire.

Use the Mirror Technique to Demolish Democrats

The mirror technique is simply using the exact same argument only in reverse against an opponent. It is confusing to them as they are not used to being on the butt end of the game. In other words, they can sure dish it out, but they can’t take it. Below is what I do with great success. You will too.

The next time you’re engaged with a Democrat and they devolve into the “You’re a racist” line, immediately flip the argument on them. You say, “No Allan, you are the racist. Have you always been a racist, or are you just finding out today that you’re a racist?”

Did you notice I used the word racist three times in a single sentence, in the form of a question, aimed directly at them? By doing this, you have effectively stolen their only weapon, and beat them over the head with it. All of a sudden they are on defense. They will respond to you, but with a new caution. Democrats are not used to being on the racist end of the argument at all. If you persist in damning them as the actual racists, and bigots – which they are, you put them in a very weak position. Democrats do not like debate. But if you box them in, and paint them as the racists, you severely derail their attacks and put yourself in the driver’s seat.

The next step is to keep your foot to the gas! Do not back off. Instead, point out all the racist things they are doing and saying, and hammer them with it mercilessly. Casually being called a racist, as Democrats routinely call Conservatives, is no laughing matter. It’s “dead serious.” It’s disgusting, flat out wrong, and dishonest. Don’t ever stand for it. Period.

As the argument evolves, use the words “racist,” and “bigot” on them liberally. Point out that everything is about skin color to them. Point out their obsession with race. Point out that because of their hatred for Trump and his supporters that also makes them bigots. Your sole job is to be on the offense, and don’t stop. Go hard. Steal their check-mate move against you, and they have a lot fewer options left in their argument against you. Hammer the idea home, that you will not be labeled, rather, you are in judgment of them and their incessant lies, hoaxes, and racist bigotry. Be a hard fighter.

It’s also OK to establish your non-racist stance on things like legal American immigrants. How you admire legal immigration and anyone willing to do the work to come to America legally. This will support you later when you can point out that you support those who follow the law, and contribute to society legally. But ultimately, you need to stay on offense.

Take the Power Back

The only way to fight the racist “shut downs” the Democrats inflict on us is to force-feed them their own medicine. Condemn them in confrontation directly, and with dominance. If Conservatives did this as a group, and totally flipped the narrative 180 degrees, I believe it would end the racist argument across the board. I say this because it is not a natural position for Conservatives to call Democrats racist simply to end an argument. We argue facts, not feelings. Screaming racist, is nothing but emotions run amok. That’s the Democrats in a nutshell, running amok.

In the end, with no Democrat winners to this cheap but vicious argument, both sides will end up choosing a different tack to communicate, without the use of the word racist or nationalist. But until then do not back down. Fight like you mean it. This war will only be won by thousands if not millions of Conservatives willing to pick up the sword and fight for an honest debate.

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