Who Will Choose The Next Superintendent: LCPS Board OR NAACP & MSAAC?

Well, it seems that Eric Williams will be packing up and moving to Texas. Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you. We’ve been told that the LCPS School Board will go through the lengthy process and pick his successor. Frankly, these people couldn’t decide whether schools should open or not and felt that the “Comprehensive Equity Plan” was a good idea, so should they really be tasked with such a tall order? Probably not, but it is what it is.

Insult to injury, the NAACP has bullied their way so far into LCPS that you can bet they will be strongly suggesting a candidate that shares their “equity” vision and if the board disagrees, well they are racists of course. They act act like a petulant child and claim racism for anything and everything, basically they are just racist bullies.

Are parents, teachers and residents of Loudoun aware of just how troublesome the NAACP is for LCPS? I don’t know, but just in case you’re interested please see below:

NAACP Terms of Conciliation for LCPS

  • October 2019: LCPS was notified that the VA Office of the Attorney General opened an investigation into allegations “that that African-American students enrolled in Loudoun County Public Schools have been denied an equal opportunity to participate in LCPS’ Academies of Loudoun programs” and several incidents described in the $422,000 Equity Assessment LCPS paid for. This was initiated by the NAACP. Keep in mind that AOL just opened in the fall of 2018, so how the hell did they have enough time to establish a track record of discrimination? Answer, they didn’t. Additionally, the “racial incidents” cited in the Equity Assessment could be counted on one hand. Should they have happened? No of course not but does it justify a complete investigation into how racist Loudoun and LCPS are? Not at all. According to the NAACP, the VA Attorney General’s Office will provide a final judgement before Thanksgiving. What could the final judgement be? Take a look at the NAACP’s Terms of Conciliation
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