Help Push VA-HB787 Across The Finish Line! Copy/Paste Message and Email Each VA Senator Listed. That’s It. Please Help!

Help and Share The Message!

The Virginia House of Delegates just passed HB787 (unlawful to promote racist and sexist materials, aka CRT).  This is a tremendous step in the right direction, however, HB787 needs to pass the Virginia Senate.  Please copy and past the message and send directly to the following VA Senators:

  • Chap Petersen:
  • John Edwards:
  • Lynwood Lewis:

We’ve been fight for a long time for legislation like HB787, please help us to get it over the finish line!

Copy/Paste Message Below and Email Each Senator Above

HB 787 (unlawful to promote racist and sexist materials) protects children under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and thwarts the anti-American divisive agenda of teaching children to self-loathe for immutable characteristics, rather than seeking limitless opportunity for all, unbound by group identity. Equally important is the amendment to HB 787- Section 22.1-207.7 (moral and character education; certain teaching declared unlawful and discriminatory). During the 2020 Virginia General Assembly the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) established a guidance document with social emotional learning (SEL) standards for the Commonwealth.

Second Step Social Emotional Learning is a widely known and used SEL program by multiple counties in Virginia and all throughout America. It is partnered with Committee for Children and Learning for Justice.  Both organizations perpetuate divisive ideology and encourage teachers to embrace and utilize their related resources. Second Step advocates for teachers to use an alignment chart for incorporating Learning for Justice materials into lessons. Furthermore, all resources are free and available to any instructor at any time. The Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) updated their framework in 2020 to view SEL through a socio-political lens and use it as a lever for teaching equity. This program is not only in violation of Governor Youngkin’s first executive order, but it also violates criteria for character education in the state of Virginia. It incorporates political ideology and seeks to influence children to be activists. This type of identity politics has no place in schools and the pillars of SEL (self-awareness, decision making, social awareness, relationship skills, and self-management) have been manipulated by divisive concepts. Additionally, the VDOE guidance standards for SEL include the promotion of racism and sexism (conscious and unconscious bias, advantages and disadvantages based on group identity (suggesting some races are inherently inferior or superior to others, and intersectionality). 

Help and Share The Message!