#2 Concerned Parent Note to LCPS

Below are a few emails a parent shared with me tonight with a correspondence he had with Wat’s Up Doc Williams. A few things caught my attention:

  • This parent sent Wat’s Up Doc almost (60) emails (emailed Wat’s Up Doc everyday from 7/22/2020 – 9/18/2020) before Wat’s Up Doc even acknowledged ONE email and that was on 9/18/2020. I realize he’s a busy guy and all, but (60) emails? Really? For $327,000 per year, one would think he could respond a little faster.
  • Wat’s Up Doc is quick to point out that LCPS has not adopted CRT” and then he closes with “we do align with the ideology of CRT” (top right image). Uh, Wat’s Up Doc? The difference between “adopt” and “align” is so marginal it’s meaningless. While LCPS has not “adopted” CRT, its “alignment” afford teachers to “adopt” CRT on their own using the “Equity Resources” LCPS has provided
  • Unrelated to this emails, I’m sitting here listening to this board meeting and I’m convinced Wat’s Up Doc missed his calling, because he is a master at deflection