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Help Wanted!

  • Research: Examples of CRT in LCPS Classrooms
  • Research: LCPS Equity Related News
  • Research: LCPS Equity Partners Social Media
  • Research: LCPS Equity Partners Social Media
  • Research: LCPS and NAACP Relationship
  • CRT Workshop(s)
  • Flyers, Signs, Postcards, Apparel
  • Media Publicity
  • Legal Services
  • LCPS FOIA Requests
  • Fundraiser, GoFund Me
  • Sponsorship Support
  • Social Media: Creation, Promotions and Management
  • CRT Group Designated Meeting Location
  • **See descriptions below**

If you are interested in joining this fight, please indicate in the “Message” Box to the right which area you would like to help with. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!

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Areas of Help NeededDescription
Research: Examples of CRT in LCPS Classrooms We are in need of posting many more classroom examples of BLM and CRT lessons, handouts or assignments from as many different schools as possible K-12. Screenshots or copies are fine. We know this is wide spread but we need to show how widespread
Research: LCPS Equity Related NewsThe goal here is to collect as many different news stories that include LCPS and their Equity initiative, their collaboration with the NAACP as well as any other organizations or equity consultants
Research: LCPS Equity Partners Social MediaWe need to take a deep dive into all of LCPS’s equity partners social media accounts (FB, Tweeter, Instagram, etc.) and look for obvious unsavory posts, capture screenshots and then post them on this website. When I looked through Racial Equity Tools, I found numerous offensive postings on their FB page as well a radical progressive that is a contributor/collaborator by the name of Linda Sarsour
Research LCPS Procurement Policies/ProceduresHow does LCPS procure consulting, advisory services? Are they required to have at least (2) or more outside organizations “bid” on a stated service? Is an RFP required? Is LCPS required to also meet with an organization that has differing perspectives so that they are fully informed?
Research: LCPS and NAACP RelationshipLCPS has a long history with the NAACP, seems more so since Wat’s Up Doc Williams became the superintendent (6) years ago. How much influence has the NAACP had in LCPS’s decision making process? Does the NAACP fall under the category of “consultant” or “advisor”? If so, how can we identify them?
CRT Workshop(s)Possibly create a series of CRT “Zoom Room” and/or onsite (TBD) meetings to introduce people to what Critical Race Theory is, how it is infiltrating the schools, concepts, lesson plans, CRT buzzwords to be aware of, etc. This is just a thought to create more awareness
Flyers, Signs, Postcards, ApparelDesign consistent messaging for flyers, postcards and signs. The hope is maybe someone is in the printing business or has connections to have these items made
Media Publicity– Interview/Discussion/PSA: WMAL, Washington Times, Washington Free Beacon, OAN, Loudoun-Now, Former LCPS Board Members and/or politicians
– YouTube: Expand YouTube awareness videos
– Meet with Aliscia Andrews and Daniel Gade Campaigns?
Legal ServicesAttorney’s or law firms that would be willing to provide pro-bono legal support
LCPS FOIA RequestsIf interested, let me know and I can provide the list of all of the FOIA request topics
Fundraiser, GoFund MeOrganize fundraisers and/or GoFund Me account to raise money in support of this effort
Sponsorship SupportAre there any local businesses or affluent people in Loudoun County that would be willing to help provide goods/services/meeting location or financial assistance?
Social MediaCreate, promote and manage social media accounts for this effort