Update: Good Lord! LCPS Tuscarora HS Student Attacked (2) Female Students & Teacher, Carjacks and Strolls Back Into School With Ankle Monitor (18) Months Later

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In 2019, a student at LCPS’s Tuscarora HS attacked (2) female students and a teacher.

  • 2019: (1) 14 year old female student was sexually assaulted, believed to have NOT been reported to law enforcement by principal Pamela Croft
  • Spring 2020: (1) 14 year old female was sexually assaulted
  • Spring 2020: (1) female teacher was sexually assaulted
  • Spring 2020: Carjacking incident
  • Spring 2020: 14 or 15 year old suspect was arrested

The attacker was sentenced to an unknown stay at a juvenile detention facility and was recently released WITH an ankle monitor. The attacker was sent right back to the scene of the attacks, Tuscarora HS.

On 11/10/21, one of the female student victims ran into him in the cafeteria and had a severe anxiety attack. The victims and their families were NEVER made aware that the attacker was going to be released back into the school where the victims were attacked. The victims education is now being victimized as she cannot go back to school and be in the presence of her attacker

Pamela Croft is the principal at Tuscarora HS. She continues to endanger the lives of ALL students with her lack of morals, ethics and social justice agenda. What will it take for parents and the community to file a petition for her removal? What the hell did the LCPS school board know and when did they know it?

This will not be the last disgusting story coming out of Tuscarora HS and LCPS.

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