Follow The Money…Time To Bring The Heat to The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors For Their Involvement in Destroying LCPS

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For (18) months the Loudoun County has largely focused on Loudoun County Public Schools, and rightfully so and this will not stop.  However, how many times have we heard one Loudoun County Board of Supervisor member or another deny having any control, influence, etc. over LCPS?  Too many to count.

Why we would we not look more closely at the people that are financing LCPS and all of their disgusting activities?  Shouldn’t they be held accountable?

Juli Briskman is high on this list of people to hold accountable.  She considers all white people that do not worship at the foot of BLM and Michelle Thomas white supremacists.  Briskman is a disgrace and needs to be told so.  While Phyllis doesn’t come out and call her constituents “white supremacists” (she has Briskman for that) she is no less radical.

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December 7, 2021: 5pm

January 4, 2022: 5pm

**Click “Board of Supervisors” image below to sign up and speak.  Speakers get 2 1/2 minutes!**

Help and Share The Message!