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Fairfax Teacher, Nicole Borghard, Send Message to Students About Walkout and Media and Government Officials Will be Present



In Loudoun County, we have school board candidate and radical activist Nick Gothard’s org Equality Loudoun pushing students to walk out of class today for “Trans Rights” whatever that means.  Then in Fairfax, we have a History teacher, Nicole Borghard, sending a message to students encouraging them to walk out in opposition to Governor Youngkin’s new policy with leftist scare tactics and taunting the students with media and government officials being present.  Think about that and look at the date.  There were government officials involved in the coordination and encouragement of students walking out of class.


Besides the 12-year-old girl who attempted suicide twice because teachers hid gender identity-related secrets from her parents, you have activist school board candidates and current teachers indoctrinating students into activism through back channels.


Asking for parental rights is not an overreach nor does it violate trans student’s rights.  Let’s say, for example, that a trans student had a serious drug problem.  Would the school counselor keep that hidden from parents as well?  Can’t drug usage lead to overdose, suicide, crime, and danger for the student?  Common sense seems to be a thing of the past.


The Fairfax teacher’s message was discovered by Students_against_unions (@AgainstUnions).  Check them out and follow them!  Great work guys and ladies!


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