Eric WILLIAMS FINALIST FOR TX Superintendent POSITION. Who Will Be the New LCPS Superintendent? How Will They Be Picked?? Who Can Be Trusted??

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The announcement LCPS sent out said Williams was a “finalist” for a superintendent position in Texas, however the posting by the Clear Creek School District in Texas suggests it’s a done deal. Most will rejoice and bid this man good riddance but what comes next?

Williams and the LCPS board are controlled by the NAACP and MSAAC. The LCPS board “will carefully select the strongest possible candidate to serve as the next superintendent of Loudoun County Public Schools.” Ok, now reread the prior sentence. Do you think the LCPS board will “carefully select the strongest possible candidate” OR do you think the NAACP/MSAAC will carefully select the strongest possible candidate and tell the board who they should approve? Sounds dystopian and almost conspiratorial, but is it?

With a special thank you to some trust worthy people at LCPS and the NAACP for sharing this information, please consider the following:

  • The State of Virginia Attorney General, Mark Herring will issue his final judgement/decision regarding the investigation into allegations “that African-American students enrolled in Loudoun County Public Schools have been denied an equal opportunity to participate in LCPS’ Academies of Loudoun programs” and into incidents described in the June 2019 equity assessment report, which the Superintendent had commissioned” before Thanksgiving. Given the current climate, I would suspect that the NAACP has a very good chance of having their Terms of Conciliation granted by the State of VA. If you haven’t read this yet, take a look because it’s really, really bad and way over the line.
  • There are least (4) LCPS teachers (P.A.C.T. does have their names and the subject(s) they teach) that are also part of the NAACP Education Committee, and are more than willing to help with various NAACP initiatives:
    • Assign a “representative” to every board member:  Create a profile on each board member:  alias, troublemakers, who can be easily influenced and how, who to target for removal and how, how they vote, who can help to advance the NAACP’s agenda
    • Example LCPS Teacher said of Board Member #1: “She is easily confused and easily loses what the board is discussing.  She has a heart for SPED kids.”  A different LCPS Teacher then said: “Maybe she just needs someone to hold her hand and guide her in the right direction.  I can frame most racial issues on a disability rights framework and speak to her that way”.  
    • Example LCPS Teacher said of Board member #2: “He is usually down with whatever the plan is.  He needs a lot of handholding, he’s very new and very naive and can be easily swayed with misinformation.  I think [board member] would be amenable to anyone who says they are working with the NAACP”
    • These are the schools the (4) teachers currently work at: River Bend and Seneca Ridge Middle School, Willard Middle School, Independence High School and Dominion High School
  • Feeling victorious in Thomas Jefferson eliminating the “high stakes” admission testing and fees, and admission changes to AOL, the NAACP is now going to be targeting (2) different 3rd grade tests for removal or simplified called: CogAT and NNAT2 because they consider these tests “high stakes” and only the privileged do well, setting the student up for honors and AP courses in MS and HS and ultimately a better chance of getting into TJ or AOL“.  The LCPS teacher(s) will be assisting in collecting all of these test scores, county wide, for all students, separated by race and gender.  The LCPS teacher who volunteered for this task made a point to also say “If a student isn’t on track (for honors or AP) by 6th grade, then they won’t be able to get into TJ or AOL” and this is a flat out lie

From where I sit, this is collusion, unethical, unprofessional and self satisfying. I don’t have a soft spot for these board members and I don’t have an allegiance to these unethical teachers, but I have to side with the board members on this one. They have no idea what’s coming and maybe it’s a good idea if they did. Jury is still out on that.

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