Elementary Librarians Now Teach Gender Identity in LCPS

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Parents, remember back in elementary school when weekly library trips consisted of the librarian reading a story to the class, and then allowing everyone to go choose a book before the class was over?

Well, because LCPS is so concerned with their teachers impart knowledge on social justice and activism, there is simply no more time for reading stories. Now, not only will your child be exposed to SEL during the 20-minute designated SEL lesson in the classroom, but your child may also receive these nuggets of woke wisdom from the librarians as well. Yep! That’s right! Becoming a social justice warrior is far more important than reading.

Call up the principal at Mill Run Elementary (571) 252-2160 or maybe send an email john.cornely@lcps.org and ask him why his librarian is using library time to teach 10 and 11-year-olds about gender. Ask Principal Cornely why his librarian is sowing confusion in these children by telling them that there is nothing that is made specifically for a woman or a man. Making a statement like that to children is not affirming. It’s a lie.

Mill Run Elementary Librarian, Laura Damewood
The gender lesson taught at Mill Run Elementary School originated from commonsense.org
CASEL = Collaborative for Academic Social, and Emotional Learning

Ask the principal why SEL is now being taught in Library, but there was no parental notification. If you filled out an opt-out letter stating that your child is not to receive any lesson, assignment, program, curriculum, workshops, school assembly, and/or social-emotional or other guidance and counseling activity pertaining to gender identity, but your child was exposed to this trash, then ask Principal Cornely why the opt-out was ignored.

If you didn’t fill out an opt-out letter yet, now is the time.

LCPS sure does love to hide behind their “welcoming, inclusive, and affirming environment.” How’s that been working out for them lately?

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