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Drop the LEA/NEA, Consider Virginia Professional Educators (Non-Union, Non-Political, Significantly Less Expensive)

Have you ever noticed that the LEA seems like it’s the only options for LCPS teachers and staff? Why? Because they are run by the largest teachers union in the country, NEA. Perhaps it’s about time LCPS teachers and staff had an option, equity right?

Virginia Professional Educators

Virginia Professional Educators (VPE) is a nonprofit professional teacher association offering many of the same benefits that teacher unions provide – but at a fraction of the cost. VPE rejects the negative tactics, partisan politics, and controversial social agendas that are typical of most teacher unions.

What sets VPE apart is our promise to provide you with all the professional assistance and legal protection you need as an education professional – but we do NOT use any of your money or our staff time on partisan politics or controversial social issues! We are a professional association that honors your personal values and respects individuals’ rights to have differing political opinions.

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