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Eyebrows are being raised over the GOP in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Many surmise there’s a Democrat infiltration in the GOP, and there’s certainly evidence to support the conclusion.

Church Militant’s William Mahoney recently spoke with Mama Grizzly about some of that evidence. 

Stacy Langton: “We are in a culture war for our children. And we are in a spiritual war for the soul of this nation.”

Stacy Langton made headlines in 2021 when she confronted the Fairfax County School Board for its indoctrination of children into transgenderism and sexual perversion.

Now she’s sounding the alarm on the latest battle in that ongoing fight.

Stacy Langton: “We have two candidates who are Democrats, and they’re seeking GOP endorsement. They are coming to the GOP of Fairfax County’s monthly meetings. They are speaking at those meetings. The meeting got extremely testy on Tuesday night; it was pretty much a brawl.”

The two candidates seeking GOP endorsement are Stephanie Lundquist-Arora and Harry Jackson.

While Arora fought against masking children, she also authored a book titled Coping with Gender Fluidity, which Langton spotlighted at the Fairfax County GOP’s meeting this week.

Stacy Langton: “This book sits in public school libraries across this nation, indoctrinating your children on queer theory. It tells them how to get cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers and genital mutilation surgery.”

During Langton’s presentation, the chairman approached the podium and turned off her mic.

Meanwhile, the other candidate, Harry Jackson, held a fundraiser in March for Maud Maron, a Democratic congressional candidate in New York. 

Langton explained the Fairfax County GOP is being infiltrated by professional Democrat operatives. 

Stacy Langton: “The head of the snake is a woman by the name of Asra Nomani, who is a professional, paid Democrat operative. And she is the one who is essentially bringing these two Democrat candidates to the GOP.”

Stephanie Lundquist-Arora is a member of the Independent Women’s Network, where Nomani is a senior fellow in the practice of journalism. 

Harry Jackson is a parent advocate for a group called Parents Defending Education, where Nomani served as the former vice president of strategy and investigations.

In a tweet earlier this month, Nomani clarified where she stands in this latest battle.

“I’ve watched Stacey Langton’s disturbing war on Stephanie Lundquist-Arora for days now. In a book, Stephanie extended compassion to the LGBTQ community. She now also challenges indoctrination in schools. Both ideas can coexist, but not according to Stacey.”

Stacy Langton: “And if you don’t fight now, we will lose our country; we will lose our children.”

Langton is not going to back down and calls others to join the fight.

Stacy Langton will be speaking at the [Church Militant Call to Action] Convention in the Fighters Panel beginning at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday.

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