Day 5: Governor Elect Youngkin, “YES” or “NO” to Banning the Tenets of CRT? 

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If for some reason the silent majority is “waiting to give Guidera a chance” given her social justice baggage, both past and present, then why not instead publicly advocate for Youngkin, Guidera, Andrews and O’Malley, who are all very smart, experienced, educated, and capable to simply say “YES” or “NO” to banning the tenets of CRT? We do not require, want or need political mumbo-jumbo as an answer to this very pointed, short and easy question

The term “CRT” has become a mainstream phrase, and as Youngkin and Guidera should know, CRT is merely a framework. The decimation of our educational systems is not happening because of a framework, it’s happening because of the TENETS of the CRT framework. There is a critical distinction between the two, which is WHY PACT keeps pushing for a more meaningful statement. Governor elect Youngkin has already stated that he will stand by his nomination of Aimee Guidera, however will he make a public statement, standing by the parents he promised and who elected him, that he will ALSO ban the tenets of CRT?

PACT is just a small grassroots nonprofit, funded by parents across the country and beholden to no one except our families, God and our values. We don’t have shareholders or political donors that we’re accountable to. Hell, we could close up shop tomorrow and most wouldn’t even notice. However, we’re not and we will do this #alldaylong, we don’t want to but governor elect Youngkin did tell us to hold him accountable. We didn’t enter this fight (18) months ago to just rollover because the Republicans won a big election in November.

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