“CRT” Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt

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In Some Circles, CRT Is A Conspiratorial Concept Like The Boogeyman

P.A.C.T. has spent a lot of time sounding the alarms over this disastrous concept called “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) and rightfully so. It is destroying our educational system, indoctrinating kids, brainwashing adults and confusing the hell out of the “Average Joe”. However, one area that I think requires attention, but I admittedly don’t have a lot of data to really expand on related to parents denial that Critical Race Theory even exists. These people are completely separate from those that are supporters of CRT, as if stuck half way between purgatory and reality.

I’m used to receiving the typical responses that I’m a racist, and my privilege is holding me back from being a believer, those comments are a dime a dozen. Last night I sent out an email with the subject: “P.A.C.T. To Expose Supporters/Enablers of CRT” and a friend forwarded to her friend. Her friends response was baffling, this person is apparently a “former educator” that was “absolutely offended” at the suggestion that CRT is a reality. She claims to “not know a single educator who would buy into this narrative”, it’s “preposterous”. Personally, what I find “preposterous” is she finds this “preposterous” and believes that CRT is just a “conspiracy”. This is scary.

The information that P.A.C.T posts is not pulled out of thin air or obtained from some shady area of the “dark-net”, it’s publicly available, not always easy to find but it’s there. For example, “Equity Training” for LCPS Teachers. I don’t know who her educator friends are or where they live but if they are in Loudoun, they went through “Equity Training”.

Any insight is welcome!

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