CONFIRMED: Superintendent Ziegler WAS THE NAMED Title IX Coordinator When LCPS Rape Occurred. Along With: Ashley Ellis, and Sharon Willoughby

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A few weeks ago, Mark Smith, former Chief of Staff at LCPS was the sacrificial lamb in the ongoing saga of who knew what and when did they know it concerning the rape of a 15 year-old girl in an LCPS HS bathroom. Smith was presumably let go by Ziegler for his failure to follow Title IX processes and procedures. However, while Smith was a “certified” Title IX coordinator (valid from 12/2020 – 12/2022),

he was NOT the Title IX Coordinator/Compliance Officer responsible at the time the rape occurred. If Smith wasn’t who was? Ziegler, Ellis, and Willoughby.

Well, we didn’t need to submit any FOIA’s, sift through school-board meeting notes or videos, nope we went right to the LCPS Student Responsibilities Handbook for 2020/2021 and LinkedIn.

LCPS Student Handbook Page (25)

LCPS Student Handbook Page (19) Title IX Coordinators

LCPS Student Handbook 2020/2021 (entire handbook)

LCPS Policy 8-6 Sex Discrimination and/or Sexual Harassment 

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