Chandler Unified School District Is Hiding Something…I Say This Guy Knows A Whole Lot

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The Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) is anything but “unified”. They’ve colluded with the local police department to have them monitor parents social media posts, cite them for trespassing, and if need be arrest them. What could these parents possibly be doing? The cardinal sin of protecting their kids education, you know, parental rights. CUSD is as woke, corrupt and radical as the rest in the country so no wonder why they will not cooperate with parents and Judicial Watch regarding their FOIA requests.

So why call out this guy, Joel Wirth from the CUSD SB? Well, it’s always been said to “follow the money” and Joel was the CFO of CUSG for more than (35) years and was conveniently elected to the CUSD SB in 2020. This nut knows EXACTLY how the money flowed in and out of CUSD, no wonder they are refusing to cooperate with the FOIA requests, Joel would have his bananas in a sling. Let’s help Joel with that sling.

CUSD parents, schedule a meeting with Joel if he won’t cooperate with the FOIA requests. Perhaps bring a CPA along and be ready to launch a barrage of questions…….and record the entire meeting on your phone. Arizona is a “one party” state. Meaning, as long as one or more people consent to being recorded it CAN be recorded. Use the law to your advantage and get these people in check and ultimately out. Joel’s contact info is below, schedule your appointment today!

Share this far and wide, we’re just getting started CUSD.

Help and Share The Message!