Chandler “Unified” School District (CUSD) in AZ: Director of Equity Tells Parent “CRT is a noun not a verb”

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The CUSD Director of Equity and Inclusion is lying her a$$ off when she says CRT is NOT in K-12 institutions. Make no mistake that the notation of “deepening one’s educational knowledge about racisms impact on American society” would have you believe America is a racist country, your white students and parents are racist but need to be told they are simply because of the color of their skin.

Parents of CUSD, do NOT be deceived by the clever language these “educators” and school board are using. It is all trickery. Read all of the material critically, notice the word and phrasing choices. Notice that EVERYTHING is about race, gender, and disgusting sexually graphic books at every grade level. Are you ok with Steve in 2nd grade being told it’s ok to feel like a girl or a boy or whatever they want? These radicals have your kids for 8 hours every day and are filling their heads with content and garbage to your family beliefs. They are reprogramming your kids

This lady below is as dishonest as the day is long. Start doing research on Social Emotional Learning, this is a tenant of CRT. Ms. Sallu is correct in saying CRT is a framework, it’s all of the tenants that are reaching into your kids classrooms and minds. Other than this, Ms. Sallu is full of it and flat out lying to CUSD parents.

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