CCISD: Equity Man Covered Up Sexual Assaults and Rapes in Loudoun County Public Schools

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CCISD parents, please beware that Equity Man is a habitual liar that places students at risk at every turn. He speaks down to parents with his educational mumbo-jumbo and speak while lying and deceiving the entire time. Pull out ALL stops to find a way to have this miscreant removed.

November 2021: Chapman To Zeigler Email Nov 10 2021 and Attachments (despite a change in LCPS superintendents, which is Williams assistant superintendent, the “sweep it under the rug” culture has not changed)

November 2021: Here’s A Picture Of The Loudoun Rapist The Superintendent Claimed Was Not ‘Gender-Fluid’. (this dirtbag started his sexual forays in elementary school, which then progressed to Trailside Middle School, and finally lead to rape. Elementary and MS were on Williams watch and swept under the rug)

November 2021: Loudoun school counselor charged with inappropriate relationship with student (this occurred while on Williams watch)

October 2021: Loudoun Schools Did Not Record Multiple Alleged Sexual Assaults Over A Period Of Years Despite State Law, Records Show

June 2019: Federal Lawsuit Alleges Assault, Cover Up at Trailside Middle School

October 2018: Three Teens Charged in Tuscarora High School Sexual Assault

October 2018: Loudoun Superintendent Says Tuscarora High School is Safe After Alleged Assault

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