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4/15/21: LCPS Middle School “Indian Removal, The Trail of Tears” (Rap video). This Is Absolutely Appalling!

Professor ZEigler and the LCPS-Equity Committee (MSAAC) have got to be removed from LCPS, or shamed for their disgusting contributions to this school system until they quit. Add to that that the NAACP should be BANNED from having ANYTHING to do with LCPS. All of these people are racist black supremacists, and they’re turning LCPS into one big anti-white racist

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4/14/21: LCPS HS English Teachers Tells Class “It’s Fun To Do Bad Things” (video)

I have no idea what a YouTube video of a (7) year old kid, stealing his parent’s car, joy riding, hitting (2) mailboxes, (2) parked cars, (2) moving cars and could have killed people is relevant to a 10th grade HS English class. Add to that, this brilliant teacher tells her class, after she pauses the video that “It’s fun

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4/13/21: PACT Appearance On “Ladies of Another View”

PACT was invited to be a guest on “Ladies of Another View” today (interview begins at 24:15) to discuss CRT. This could not have been a kinder, welcoming, and nicer group of ladies! I love the name of their show “Ladies of Another View”, Lord knows that other show is rubbish and these ladies would give them a run for

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4/3/21: PACT On Fox and Friends This Morning Talking About Our Favorite LCPS Woke Mob!

PACT was fortunate enough to have been invited onto Fox and Friends this morning along with Paul Chen, a Loudoun County parent. Collectively, with everyones support, we’re being heard, although I think the LCPS-Equity Committee is tone deaf but that’s why we’re here, to TURN UP THE NOISE! PACT Fundraising Campaign to Continue Fighting Critical Race Theory:

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3/29/21: LCPS Crazy: Diversity Council Says ‘We Can And We Will Silence The Opposition’

Loudoun County Public Schools diversity council in Virginia threatened to “silence” any parents who voice opposition to the affluent school district’s inclusion of critical race theory in its curriculum. In a series of now-deleted social media posts, The Loudoun County Public Schools Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee (LCPSMSAAC) threatened that they “can and will silence the opposition” of their mission dedicated to

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3/29/21: LCPS Again, Watch: Teacher Bullies Student For Taking Colorblind Approach To Classroom Assignment

Video footage shows a Virginia public school teacher bullying a student for saying he takes a colorblind approach to observing people.  A school teacher in Virginia’s Loudoun County Public School district — one of the wealthiest districts in the nation — was caught on tape telling a student that it is important to see racial differences when observing people. DailyWire For

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