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November 4, 2022
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Loudoun Soros DA Screws Up, Murderer Walked Free
Accused Killer Released After Buta Biberaj’s Failures

Loudoun County, Virginia – Virginians for Safe Communities (VSC) can reveal for the FIRST TIME that an accused killer is now free after Loudoun’s prosecutor bungled the case.

Adbul Waheed, who allegedly conspired to kill and assisted in the murder of Najat Chemali-Goode on December 30, 2021, had his first-degree murder charges dismissed on Thursday November 3, 2022 after a series of egregious mistakes by the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office led by Soros-funded prosecutor Buta Biberaj.

This development has yet to be reported until now. (VSC is available for interviews upon request.)

Abdul Waheed’s Case Number: CR00037924-00
[Screen grabs below and case details can be found via Virginia Court’s Case Search Tool here.]

Biberaj – whose tenure has been roiled by scandal after scandal including mishandling school sex assaults, hiring a federal child sex offender, and going soft on domestic violence – has now let a killer off the hook due to incompetence.  Recall that a Democratic Member of the Loudoun School Board expressed her dissatisfaction with Biberaj only a few weeks ago. 

Waheed, who was indicted only two weeks ago (October 17, 2022) for the slaying, had his accessory to murder charges dropped by prosecutors (Nolle Prosequi) on October 20, 2022, is now free.

Waheed walked out of Loudoun County Adult Detention Center yesterday (November 3, 2022). This can be confirmed by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (Contact Michele Bowman: via email or via cell 571-509-1026)

This case exemplifies why Virginians for Safe Communities (VSC) is seeking the recall of Soros-funded prosecutor Buta Biberaj.

VSC President Sean Kennedy said:
“Waheed’s case demonstrates that Buta Biberaj is dangerous, plain and simple. Letting a murderer walk because you are too busy, lazy, or incompetent is not an excuse – it’s a dereliction of duty. Biberaj has proven she is not up to the task of being Loudoun’s top law enforcement officer and must go. Loudoun is less safe with Biberaj in office.”

Virginians for Safe Communities to committed to recalling Biberaj and has collected more than half of the 11,500 signatures needed to start that process and will be out in force on election day collecting petitions to remove her from office as soon as possible.

Prior to yesterday’s dismissal and Waheed’s release, the Loudoun Times-Mirror reported on October 27, 2022 that there had been significant missteps by the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, writing:

Two expert prosecution witnesses will be limited in what they can say about evidence against a suspected getaway driver in a homicide during his trial next week.

In Loudoun Circuit Court on Thursday, Judge James E. Plowman ruled that Dr. Carmen Davonne Coles, a forensic pathologist with the Virginia Medical Examiner’s Office, and Rebecca Kelly, a Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office crime analyst, can testify, but not offer expert advice.

The two are scheduled to testify about Abdul Waheed, who’s been charged with first-degree murder over the fatal shooting of Najat Chemali-Goode in her Ashburn home on Dec. 30. Waheed, scheduled to stand trial on Monday, is accused of conspiring with suspected shooter Fuqan Syed to kill Chemali-Goode and then driving Syed from the homicide scene. Syed is schedule to stand trial on April 3.

The ruling was due to Michelle L. Burton, a Loudoun County deputy commonwealth’s attorney, not meeting deadlines to provide evidence and notification that Kelly would testify. Plowman said he was sympathetic about Burton being stricken with COVID-19 earlier this month which she said hampered her ability to comply with deadlines, but said some of her errors occurred before her illness.

“That’s why we build in buffers and these timelines,” said Plowman, county commonwealth’s attorney from 2004 until being appointed a judge in 2019. “This case has exhibited a phenomenal series of missteps.”

Burton admitted to not notifying defense attorney Kelly L. King about evidence in a timely manner.

“I told my paralegal I would do it and I got preoccupied,” she said. “I will fall on my sword and say that was my fault.”

Case Search Pages and Mugshot for Abdul Waheed:


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