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LCPS Stone Bridge HS Has Long History of Neglect, This Is Very Sad and Unconscionable



The details related to this student’s situation from 2020 at LCPS Stone Bridge HS are very real.  Why is this just being released?  The individual (parent) felt it was time.  With everything going on in LCPS, Stone Bridge HS, the SRO, Principal, Vice -Principal involved in the Smith case were the same in 2020.  The pattern of dangerous and extremely neglectful practices in LCPS is sickening.  The student, family or any other PII is NOT included in this post, just the facts and emails (partially redacted).


Keep in mind that this was happening 18 months before the Smith incident and with the same LCPS SB members that sit smug in front of us today.  On a positive note and by the grace of God, this student graduated is attending college and works full-time.



Emotional Abuse: Emotional abuse is CONSTANT, however, I will do my best to provide as many examples as possible:

> – Both Parents: You’re useless and a waste of time
> – Both Parents: We will send you to jail
> – Both Parents: Often tell her that she is causing them to die
> – Both Parents: Reach out to Stone Bridge HS to demand that they make sure Student follows their rules and if not to let them know
> – Both Parents: Constantly tells Student she needs to be removed from the home
> – Both Parents: Berate her, tell her she’s stupid and a delinquent 
> – Both Parents: Tells the Student to get home from school right away or there are legal ways to force her
> – Both Parents: Student needs ADHD and Anxiety medication which her parents are not providing
> – Both Parents: Threatens Student that they will get a lawyer and have her removed from the home
> – Both Parents: Threatens Student that they will send her to a foster home
> – Both Parents: Threatens Student that they will send her to another country as she is bringing shame on her family
> – Both Parents: Threatens her that if she does not follow their rules, she “will see what happens”
> – Both Parents: You are not going to amount to anything, will never get into college and have a career
> – Mother: You are no good, I wish I never had you
> – Mother: All you do is disappoint me and try to manipulate me
> – Mother: You’re the cause of all my problems
> – Mother: Recently asked Student to create a new birthday card (from last year for the Mother) because it was not funny and was not worthy of being posted on her (Mother’s) Facebook page
> – Dad: On 11/11/19 Students dad took her house keys from her to restrict how and when she went out or came home
> – Dad: On 11/15/19, Student’s dad flattened her bicycle tires so she was forced to walk to and from school

Physical Abuse: While physical abuse does take place, not certain of the frequency. Below is how Student has been physically abused and the most recent example:

> – How (usually the mother): Shoes, belt, hand or the nearest objects
> – Most Recently: 1/9/2020, in the morning the mother beat Student with a shoe and possibly another object but the other object cannot be confirmed

Suicidal Thoughts and/or Actions:

> – 7/15/19 – Student took an unknown quantity of sleeping pills with the thought of suicide in mind
> – 11/19/19 – Student made comments to several students that she wanted to kill herself. Her sister and another boy (unrelated) met with the school counselor to bring it to their attention because they were very concerned 
> – 12/1/19 (evening hours) – Student made comments again about wanting to kill herself. A friend of hers and the father picked her up at an elementary school near her home and went back to the friend’s house to talk. The father then called LCSO, they came to the house and brought the Student to Lansdowne Hospital for a psych exam the mother met the police and her daughter there. Afterward, the mother told Student that she (The student) was simply trying to manipulate her (the mother). I’m not sure I understand how a Student saying she wanted to kill herself amounts to manipulation, concern yes, manipulation blows my mind
> – 12/3/19 – Student consumed a large quantity of cough medicine (I believe something similar to NyQuil)
> – 1/8/2020 – Student consumed an unknown substance and tried smoking pot for the first time with a female “friend” from school. The student apparently ended up at a fast food restaurant and one of her friend’s parents drove her home. The parent knew something was immediately wrong with the Student because she was apparently very sluggish, soft-spoken, and couldn’t form a basic 3-word sentence. The parent dropped her off at her home and having a concern for her well-being, contacted the mother and discussed with her, made suggestions, and recommendations on how to deal with the current situation and how to get her help.
> – 1/9/2020 – It came to light this morning that the mother tried kicking in Student’s bedroom door that evening of 1/8/202 but was unsuccessful. However, the morning of 1/9/2020, the mother was able to access Student’s bedroom and beat her with a shoe and possibly another object (not positive about the other object)
> – 1/9/2020 – Student was and likely still is actively engaged in “self-harm”. I’ve been told that her left arm has clear evidence of this

Other Comments:

> – Student feels like she’s on an island all by herself, feels no one cares or can help her and is not at all phased if she were to die, whether by suicide, naturally or targeted (for some reason)
> – Student’s mom uses her own ADHD “issues” as an excuse for EVERYTHING
> – Student’s mom will likely tell you about all of the different doctors she has taken Student, however, she is apparently not providing her with the proper medication she needs and prescribed by her doctor
> – While this message I am sending you through the anonymous app “Safe Talk”, I fully expect Student’s parents will know it’s coming from me and will blame me and my family for everything going on with Student. However, this could not be further from the truth.
> – Our motivation for sending LCSO this message is not to cast wild and outlandish accusations against the family but because we are concerned for Student and her siblings safety, security and overall well-being. We’re also concerned for Student’s mothers mental health as her actions go above and beyond just having ADHD


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