Bob Woodson: Civil Rights Activist & Founder of 1776 Unites & The Woodson Center

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Bob Woodson is an amazing man that has done more to help the black communities and people in need, regardless of race.

It would be fantastic of LCPS, NAACP and MSAAC could partner with people like Bob Woodson who actually wants to help ALL Americans. Mr. Woodson does NOT believe in the hateful ideology of Critical Race Theory, he does NOT believe one race is superior to another, he does NOT believe that America is a racist country governed by white supremacists and he does NOT believe society as a whole is or will be better off with all of the destruction of Black Lives Matter has caused, being cheered on by the NAACP and community and government leaders across the country.

Robert L. Woodson, Sr. founded the Center in 1981 to help residents of low-income neighborhoods address the problems of their communities. A former civil rights activist, he has headed the National Urban League Department of Criminal Justice, and has been a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Foundation for Public Policy Research. Referred to by many as “godfather” of the neighborhood empowerment movement, for more than four decades, Woodson has had a special concern for the problems of youth. In response to an epidemic of youth violence that has afflicted urban, rural and suburban neighborhoods alike, Woodson has focused much of the Woodson Center’s activities on an initiative to establish Violence-Free Zones in troubled schools and neighborhoods throughout the nation. He is an early MacArthur “genius” awardee and the recipient of the 2008 Bradley Prize, the Presidential Citizens Award, and a 2008 Social Entrepreneurship Award from the Manhattan Institute.

Help and Share The Message!

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