7/31/21: EdEquity Virginia Road Map Videos – This Is Why Parents, Students and Teachers Must Attend “PACT to SCHOOL” on August 21, 2021

All of the EdEquity VA videos below are not meant to turn your stomach.  They are  meant to provide you with awareness of what you can expect teachers and students to be brainwashed with this year.  “PACT to School” will help you better understand what to expect, and what EdEquity VA actually means. This is

7/31/21: PACT Recruits Paul Lott to Craft Anti-CRT Legislation for the Virginia Senate to Submit on Monday, August 2, 2021

On Thursday, July 29th, PACT was contacted to help with the creation of Anti-CRT legislation for the Virginia Senate. Knowing that PACT is not in the business of crafting legislation, we contacted someone who has been very influential in the movement against Critical Race Theory. Paul Lott is an amazingly brilliant and tenacious man. He

7/30/21: PACT to School With Diversity Book(s) Picture Days and Share Excerpts of the Book(s) With Every School Employee and Administrator

Let’s face it, LCPS and other school systems don’t have “Diversity Books”, they are peddling filth, smut, X-Rated, criminal and racist garbage. The only “diversity” is how the raunchy stories are played out. We have to keep in mind that even though LCPS is proud of the millions of dollars spent on this filth, they

7/30/21: Virginia Teachers, Upcoming “Professional Development” Got You Stressed Out? Tired of The Equity Enema? Help Arrives August 21

Parents/Teachers, below are the “thought leaders” that helped to craft the awful Critical Race Theory “educational” material called “EdEquity Virginia”.  Below that are the key areas of focus for the upcoming school year across ALL of Virginia. Every single once meaningful subject contains CRT/Social Justice garbage.  For example, we no longer have “normal” math, you

7/30/21: The Loudoun Freedom Center Shake Down Continues. Why Would They Be Allowed to “Educate” Our Kids?

7/28/21: Leesburg Council Agrees to $25K Cemetery Payment Loudoun County, LCPS, and Leesburg have got to have elected officials that will NOT cave to race hustlers. Let us not forget that Loudoun Freedom Center has also been afforded the opportunity to act as “educational consultants” to LCPS as a result of the NAACP’s “Terms of


Join Us on August 21, 2021!  We will be dismantling “Virginia’s Road Map to Equity”! Get Tickets Now! Remember Virginia teachers, “Professional Development” Begins August 17th, so bring your SEL questions, and training material so we can discuss as a group! Lindsay: “Let’s dive into the 52 page document that lays out the dismantling of

7/29/21: Check Out PACT’s Discussion With Black Conservative Females Very Own Dr. Felicity Joy!

Tonight I had the pleasure of having an EXCELLENT discussion with BLACK CONSERVATIVE FEMALES DR. FELICITY JOY! We discussed everything from CRT to Manning Johnson, and Dr. Joy being called a “White Supremacist” simply because she is a Conservative! Thank you Doc!! Dr. Felicity Joy’s Background: Felicity Joy Solomon, PhD, has been a Dream Strategist


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