5/11/21: LCPS High Disciplinary and Suspension Rates for Black Students? Is there Proof or Are We Expected to Just Take Their Word For It?

In an effort to advance the radical Critical Race Theory agenda here in Loudoun County, and everywhere else around the country, the Marxists hone in on things that amount to nothing more than conjecture. They try and get everyone all amped up on word or a phrase and simply expect people to believe what they

5/11/21: PACT Joins Mark Smith on “The Bottomline” This Thursday, May 13th At 8:30pm EST

This Thursday on “The Bottomline” we examine further Critical Race Theory and its negative effects on children, families, communities, and schools here in Virginia and across the country. How parents, businesses, communities and elected officials are stopping this practice before it is too late with Scott Mineo from PACT.

5/10/21: Axios – The next political battleground: school boards

The debate over coronavirus precautions and school reopening has fueled a surge of new candidates for school boards across the country. Why it matters: What was traditionally a nonpartisan, hyper-local role is now at center of a swirling national political debate. Conservative and progressive parents have clashed over when and how to reopen classrooms — and

5/10/21: LCPS Policy 8040 “Rights of Transgender and Gender Expansive Students”. All Other Genders (Male and Female) Be Damned

LCPS Policy 8040 shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. I never understood and never will understand transgendered people. That’s between the two of them and God, and my perspective and opinions are irrelevant, and not a topic I really care to spend much time on. However, now that LCPS is jamming widespread acceptance of the

5/9/21: Mark Mitchell, Dean of Academic Affairs at Patrick Henry College – Critical Race Theory and the Promise of America

Mark T. Mitchell May 5, 2021: Loudoun Times Mirror Opinion Critical Race Theory (CRT) has become a lightning rod in Loudoun County and around the nation. Unfortunately, as with so many of our most contentious public debates, there is often more intensity than clarity. It might be helpful to lay out some of the basic

5/8/21: More Anti-White and Racist Material from LCPS School Board, Equity Commandos and Lightridge High School

The LCPS Lightridge HS Equity Commando Team has prepared a school board presentation that is wonderful (full presentation below images). The images below are a focal point of the Equity Commandos, “Microaggressions”. “Microaggressions” is a made up word and is reserved for white people, you see only white people are capable of demonstrating “microaggressive” behavior.

5/8/21: The Federalist – Fairfax, Va. Schools Pay New York Consultants For Critical Race Theory Curricula

Fairfax, Va. Schools Pay New York Consultants For Critical Race Theory Curricula The district has contracted for four years with an influential New York consulting group that could get millions of dollars to push the racist ideology. By Gabe KaminskyMAY 7, 2021 The superintendent at a major school district in Virginia is eyeing critical race theory training, Parents


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