2/26/21: Washington Times “Loudoun County Schools cancel Dr. Seuss for ‘racial undertones’”

WASHINGTON TIMES “LOUDOUN COUNTY SCHOOLS CANCEL DR. SEUSS FOR ‘RACIAL UNDERTONES’” Another day, another cancellation. Yesterday, it was Mr. Potato Head. Today, it’s Dr. Seuss. March 2 marks Read Across America Day, a national recognition of Dr. Seuss’ birthday for more than 20 years. Now, a liberal educator group dubbed “Learning for Justice” is demanding Dr. Seuss‘

2/26/21: Fox News “Virginia school system cancels Dr. Seuss, citing racial ‘undertones’ in writings: report”

Loudoun County Public Schools claims Dr. Seuss’ books contain racial ‘undertones’ By Houston Keene | Fox News Celebrated American children’s author Dr. Seuss is now considered too controversial for one of Virginia’s largest school districts, a new report reveals.  For over two decades, Dr. Seuss’s birthday has been celebrated in schools as Read Across America Day — a day

2/26/21: Parents and Parents of Special Needs Children, If This Post Doesn’t Make You Angry or Upset Enough To Get Involved, What will?

LCPS, NAACP, Some LCPS Teachers, MSAAC Are Manipulating, Subverting Board Members, Teachers, Students and Parents. Nothing They Are Doing Is About Bettering Education for ANY Kid, It’s About POWER & MONEY. I would like to thank the citizens of Loudoun County and a select few from the NAACP for providing P.A.C.T. with information/material to help

2/26/21: Who IS LCPS Partner “Learning for Justice”, Southern Poverty Law Center? Why Did They cancel Dr. Seuss?

WHO IS LCPS PARTNER “LEARNING FOR JUSTICE”, SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER? WHY DID THEY CANCEL DR. SEUSS? Now that LCPS has made national news AGAIN, I thought it might be a little helpful to understand who LCPS’s Equity Partner, Learning for Justice is that helped kick Dr. Seuss to the curb. They specialize in White

2/26/21: NAACP 2019 Resolutions – Blueprint to Destroying Education, LCPS Education and Society

NAACP 2019 RESOLUTIONS – BLUEPRINT TO DESTROYING EDUCATION, LCPS EDUCATION AND SOCIETY There has been a lot of focus on Critical Race theory in recent months and rightfully so. We can discuss the origin, the “legal scholars” that created it, and that is important to understand, but something we have to do a better job

2/26/21: Daily Wire: “Oh The Places The Woke Will Go: Dr. Seuss Canceled For ‘Racial Undertones”

Oh The Places The Woke Will Go: Dr. Seuss Canceled For ‘Racial Undertones’ “In recent years there has been research revealing radical undertones in the books written and the illustrations drawn by Dr. Seuss.” ByChrissy Clark•Feb 26, 2021•FacebookTwitterMail A national educators organization is telling schools to avoid reading Dr. Seuss because the children’s books allegedly have

2/25/21: Under Armour Forced White Employees to Undergo ‘Antiracist’ Reeducation Program

Under Armour Forced White Employees to Undergo ‘Antiracist’ Reeducation Program, Makes Coca-Cola Training Look Somewhat Moderate Is there any question at all that there is NOTHING off limits that the woke CRT race hustlers won’t declare as racist? The article is not long but directly below are a few quotes that really stand out: “The


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