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On Thursday, the CDC voted 15-0 to add Covid shots to the recommended vaccine schedule for children in school. While the CDC does not and can not mandate anything, many states have laws or codes  requiring public funded institutions to follow the CDC recommendations. This means that while the CDC doesn’t mandate shots, the end result is the same as if it does. 





As parents, we must stand strong to protect our kids.  If the shot is mandated, pull your kids from school and/or move to states with Governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis where Parental Rights are respected. If that is not a possibility for your family, then FIGHT BACK. 

Many elected officials are gearing up to run for office in 2024. If they want a career in politics they must earn it. We gave them their seats, we can take them away. They need to to fight along side us and save our children or we will have the last word as voters. We must recruit other parents to stand up, be brave  and speak out. 

We are fighting for the lives of our kids now, not a highway, not lower taxes…OUR KIDS! It will take every single one of us stepping off the sidelines and out from behind our keyboards and into the fight. It is scary, I know it. But ask yourself if doing it for your kids is worth it. IT IS! 

We need all of you and all the people you know to join voices in letting the Whitehouse and the administrations in each of your states know WE MEAN BUSINESS!

Glenn Youngkin in Virginia put out a statement that he won’t stand for mandated Covid shots. STATEMENTS ATE NOT ENOUGH! He knows that school boards will ignore him. School Boards across the country are ignoring Governors who stand with parents. We MUST demand more than words from our Governors. Governors in states where there are laws or codes in place that require schools to follow the guidelines must issue Executive Orders that override existing laws, and have consequences for non-compliance if not followed by School Boards. 

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Help and Share The Message!