Are You Angry With LCPS? Let Them Know. No More Angry Emoji’s, Take Action

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It’s no secret that the LCPS SB and Ziegler could care less what you have to say during public comments at a SB meeting. Don’t let that stop you from having your voice heard. Quit with angry emoji’s and take action, even if it’s simply calling LCPS Admin or flooding the SB’s email inbox. Additionally, below is a listing of all LCPS Instruction leaders and their email addresses. Contact them. We cannot relent, they MUST be told they are failing miserably over and over again.

We have all learned in the past few days that certain political candidates and the current US Dept. of Education do NOT believe parents should have a say so in their kids education. Stand up for your kids and by extension all kids and show these fools that parents do matter, these are our kids right? The time is now. If not now and not you, then when and who will protect your kids?

Public Information Office, send email to: or call (571)252-1040

LCPS Admin Main Phone Number: (571) 252-1300

LCPS SB Email Address:


Help and Share The Message!