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Are All of the Democrats on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors This Stupid or Just Juli Briskman?



At 9:24pm, brainiac and local Rachel Dolezal, BOS Juli Briskman retweeted an urgent message from the Loudoun NAACP (before being deleted an hour later after we corrected the record, see below): ATTN: The Youngkin admin proposed changes to VA SOLs that are racist, factually incorrect and reflect explicit political bias. Join us for a press conference tomorrow at 11AM to make our voices heard. Check your inbox and visit @hamkaecenter  for addt’l actions you can take.”



Apparently, Juli Briskman doesn’t know how to read or Michelle Thomas from the Loudoun NAACP.  They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them some racist and white supremacy gaslighting.  They are either stupid or have not read through the proposed changes.  The changes do NOT remove anything that they suggest, nor is it racist.  In all fairness, they aren’t the only dummies espousing this nonsense.  VA state Senators, Delegates, and riff-raff in between.  These people can either READ the proposal or use Control-F for a keyword search.  At first pass this is what we found:

  • Pages 2,22,23,48: MLK
  • Pages 14 & 20: Democrats Jim Crow
  • Pages 14,19,20,22,47,48,49,52,53: Civil Rights
  • Pages 20 & 49: NAACP

Keep in mind that just yesterday, Loudoun’s very own Rachel Dolezal was proposing a new Resolution that would make ALL of Loudoun County Government subject to being completely governed based solely on “Equity”.  Even going as far as engineering a new vocabulary entirely using an “equity lens”.  Coincidence?  Not a chance in hell.  Just like Michelle Thomas’s Madison Trust Elementary School “Runaway Slave Game” stunt in 2019, this is ALL being orchestrated so Michelle Thomas can get paid and Loudoun can go ultra-woke.


Don’t be fooled, these deviants are not going to stop using the race card in Loudoun County, don’t play their game, and remember this in 2023.  Briskman OUT!


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