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Another LCPS Broad Run District Candidate? He’s a Progressive 22 Year Old, Tight with Buta Biberaj, and Former Executive Director of Loudoun Democrats. So Much for Politics Not In Schools

Recently, there has been some chatter about a third candidate running in the LCPS Broad Run district special election, a 22 year old recent college grad by the name of Nick Gothard. Nick is a local Loudoun native, graduated from Rock Ridge HS in 2018, and by all accounts Nick was a very busy and academically successful student, involved in all kinds of school activities.

Since graduating high school (4) years ago, Nick has accumulated some experience and does a fair amount of volunteer work:

Nick and Marty Martinez

Currently, Nick is the Chief of Staff & Campaign Manager for Marty Martinez who is running for VA Delegate in the newly created 29th House District. Being the Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager, it’s fair to say Nick and Marty share the same beliefs and ideology. And what do you know, they do:

Nick and Buta Biberaj

Additionally, Nick has been Buta Biberaj’s right hand-man. He’s produced and directed more than 30+ videos of Buta’s wildly famous “Get the Tea with Buta Biberaj” on Youtube, in fact Nick states that he’s Buta’s “Go-to for everything”. “Get the Tea with Buta Biberaj” has had numerous Loudoun Syndicate members on her show such as; Mark Herring, Michelle Thomas, and Vanessa Maddox.

For those unaware, Buta Biberaj, the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney (CA) has a very shady and corrupt past & present. Just today (June 11, 2022) it was reported that Buta Biberaj was removed by a Loudoun County judge from a criminal case for “deliberately misleading the court and the public in an effort to “sell” a plea seal”. How? Buta failed to mention or consider that the defendant had just plead guilty to (3) felonies and was convicted. Under Buta’s plea deal, the defendant would have spent (6) months in jail, a month lower than sentencing guidelines of (7) months. However, when factoring in the (3) other felony convictions, the defendants time in jail would be 18 months, which is on the low end of the sentencing guidelines.

Buta is also a member of the Virginia Progressive Prosecutors for Justice, a Soros financed organization. Let us not forget that Buta also received $900k from Soros when she was running for CA in 2019. There’s plenty of more examples on how corrupt Buta is.

Equality Loudoun

Equality Loudoun is a nonprofit organization whose focus is on the LGBTQ+ community. If they operated like many legitimate nonprofits, they would not have been entrenched with LCPS SB members and the Superintendent to push their political ideology into LCPS, most notably Policy 8040 and advocating for the perverse, and graphic sexualized material in our schools. As I’ve said plenty of times before, no one cares what their sexual preferences or identity are. Why do we care now? Simple, because their lifestyle and sexualized preferences are none of my business, our kids business, and it does NOT need to be part of EVERYTHING in life, and certainly not part of our kids education. Enough already, they wanted tolerance but went about it the WRONG way.

Take Aways About Nick Gothard As Broad Run School Board Rep

Take Away #1: Nick JUST turned 22 years old, graduated HS in 2018. He knows absolutely NOTHING about what it means to be a parent, especially in our world today. Just because he graduated from an LCPS HS and was a good student does not make him qualified to represent kids and parents on issues and concerns he cannot possibly relate to.

Take Away #2: In Nick’s 4 short years since graduating from HS, he’s gained a lot of experience: Chief of Staff for a Progressive candidate, Executive Director of the Loudoun County Democrat Committee, VAX Team Lead, Political Consultant, Community Organizer for Win Justice, President of the Loudoun Young Democrats, and Director of Communications for Equality Loudoun

Take Away #3: Nick’s deep ties and association with Buta Biberaj is full of red flags. If there was ever a need for a “Red Flag Law” this is it.

Take Away #4: I have got to believe that Loudoun County, and LCPS parents/students especially is longing for normalcy. Electing a recent HS grad, who’s professional career and volunteer work is steeped in Progressive ideology, is hardly the representation Broad Run and Loudoun needs.

Take Away #5: With associations and a track record like this Nick will likely be a full fledged member of Team Ziegler, ignoring parents and students simply that’s what Team Ziegler has done and is all about.

I’ve listened to Nick in numerous videos, he’s a smart kid that seems to be very polite, and is full of potential in the Democrat Party, not the LCPS SB. I don’t care if he’s gay, straight, trans or anything else. However, I do care about his progressive ideology and parental inexperience. We need less political ideology and more SB members with kids, kids that are actually in the school system.

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