Angry LCPS Parent TikTok Challenge!

Help and Share The Message!

This evening, LCPS Director of School Administration, Doug Fulton sent an important email concerning “TikTok Challenges” in LCPS (see details below). While I’m not advocating for students to carry out these challenges, I do find it quite insulting that LCPS is asking PARENTS for help when for the past year they have completely dismissed, disgraced, humiliated, and ignored parents in LCPS. Besides, what these radicals have allowed into our schools is MUCH worse than these stupid challenges.

Calling All Willing LCPS Parents Challenge

If you use TikTok, send PACT a “TikToc” about how you really feel about the superintendent and the school board. If you don’t use TikTok, send us a short 30 second – 1 minute video from one of your devices. Feel free to provide the “real you” or blur your face, it’s the message that’s most important. We’ll compile a video to share with the LCPS gang!

Send Videos to:

Help and Share The Message!