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Andrew Hoyler’s (the rest of the SB & Ziegler) Support for The Mask and VAX Mandate Had Real World Implications For Staff and Students

Andrew Hoyler has done some good things while serving as the LCPS Broad Run SB rep, he has had some good ideas, and he’s attempted to do things that other LCPS SB members never even tried or refused, such as communicating to the community.

As we all know, COVID has negatively impacted our entire country for more than 2 years. Here in Loudoun, parents, students and many LCPS staff recently fought for the lifting of the mask and VAX mandate. Students were suspended for (2) weeks, shamed at their schools, educational impact, teachers suspended, and fired. We ultimately prevailed thanks to the court system. However, Mr. Hoyler joined Ziegler and (7) other LCPS SB members to enforce the mask/VAX mandate on students and staff. This was not a simple mistake, it was a supporting vote that had very real world consequences.

January 11th, 2022: Their decision was 100% financially based. Not safety, and not protection. LCPS is beholden to the CDC because they signed up for that Biden COVID relief money, all $12M of it. If they violate this agreement there are penalties. This entire charade was about money period.
January 20th, 2022: According to Hoyler, there weren’t any mask mandates in the restaurant they were eating at. How does this make any sense? It doesn’t. Kids have to take a sip of milk and then put their mask back on. 

Do You Know (LCPS Parents)……

The treatment of MANY of the LCPS kids that were not wearing masks was considerably harsher than many of the raw offenses that have occurred countywide in LCPS this year. If Mr. Hoyler had joined Mr. Beatty and voted against the mask and VAX mandate, all of the above would have still happened. However, voting “Yes” makes Mr. Hoyler complicit.

Just because we are currently living in a mask/VAX optional world doesn’t mean all is better, this was not a trivial issue.

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