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Andrew Hoyler Voted to Keep Lawn Boy In LCPS: “I Was 10 Years Old…I Put Doug Goble’s D$%k In My Mouth…The Real-Estate GUY…It Was No Big Deal”

LCPS: “The safety and security of all of our students, both physical and emotional, is our priority as we continue to create a learning environment that cultivates a culture of kindness, inclusivity and affirmation for every member of our student body and staff.”

There’s a big difference between school library books being risque, suggestive, or racy AND pedophilic, disgusting, or ludicrous, Lawn Boy falls under the latter. Despite the obvious pedophilic and over sexualized content in Lawn Boy (grown man and 10 year old boy exchanging oral sex) Andrew Hoyler voted to keep this trash in our schools. However, he did vote against Gender Queer which had a graphical image of (2) young boys engaging in oral sex. What makes Lawn Boy any better than Gender Queer and worthy of remaining in LCPS schools? Is it because Ziegler voted for and against?

Mr. Hoyler often mentions his younger siblings, clearly a guy that loves his family. However, would Mr. Hoyler read “I touched Doug Goble’s d$%k and he toughed mine” to his younger brothers and sisters? Perhaps read it out loud to a classroom full of students at one of the schools in his district? Believing Mr. Hoyler has some respectable attributes, I suspect the answer would be no, though I could be wrong.

This is just another example of a decision that Mr. Hoyler has rightfully owned but was shortsighted, miscalculated, dead wrong, and at the expense of our kids. Having kid’s in the LCPS system does make a difference.

For Mr. Hoyler and those rallying around him, this is not “mud slinging”, these are facts, not innuendos or false accusations. There is a difference.

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