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Andrew Hoyler Supports NAACP’s Terms of Conciliation Racial Hiring Practices and LCPS’s “Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism” Racial Hiring Practices

This post is centered around one of nine questions that the Loudoun Times asked Andrew Hoyler on October 17, 2019 when he first ran for LCPS School Board of the Broad Run District; How can LCPS improve in the area of diversity and equity? What steps should the School Board take to acknowledge the rights, abilities, values and individuality of students of all backgrounds?. There are a few other questions we’ll address in a subsequent post so we keep them short and focused.

As you read through this, the question you have to ask yourself is do I want my kids being taught by a teacher strictly based on a quota system in the name of “equity” or “diversity”? Frankly, who cares if the teacher is black, white, Indian or Hispanic (or LatinX as Democrats like to say), are they the right person to be educating kids. However, since Mr. Hoyler, NAACP and LCPS DO care about hiring practices based on race, what should those numbers look like? Should they be in line with the student demographic numbers? What about the “root cause”? Since LCPS is giving away the farm on how/who they hire, strictly based on “equity” and “diversity”, how can you determine the “root cause” if you’re not receiving the applications? Submitting an application for employment is a personal choice not a race based requirement, so there’s that. Since there are 1,000 LCPS teachers set to NOT return for the 2022/2023 school year, how’s this impact LCPS’s diversity hiring scam? Where are all the applicants, you know “equity” and diversity” and all.

LCPS’s “equity” and “diverse” hiring practices, which Mr. Hoyler clearly supports is tantamount to educational malpractice. Choose the best candidate based on ability and qualifications versus skin color, no matter what Michelle Thomas and Scott Ziegler espouse. Carry water for no one.

Loudoun Times-Mirror Staff Report: Oct 17, 2019 

Andrew Hoyler

How can LCPS improve in the area of diversity and equity? What steps should the School Board take to acknowledge the rights, abilities, values and individuality of students of all backgrounds?

“Hiring minority teachers has been a priority for many years, yet it continues to be a struggle—in my twelve years as a student in the county, I had only one teacher who was a minority. My hope is that the new committee on equity will be able to forward proposals to assist with this important issue, and that the county will be receptive to these suggestions. This new committee may also better show that the county does indeed care about diversity in the workplace, and may result in applicants of diverse backgrounds choosing LCPS due to its commitment to tackle the diversity issue. The county first has to better understand why the diversity of our staff is not consistent with the diversity of the student body, despite an increased effort to increase the diversity on staff. Let’s determine the root cause first and then we can take steps to address the real issues.

When it comes to students, we have an incredibly diverse student body. We must recognize that with such a diverse population, the “one size fits all” model does not, and will not, work. While the new Personalized Learning initiative aims to meet this need, if our teachers and staff members do not have access to the resources they need to better personalize their curriculum, the initiative will be a failure.”

Observation: Mr. Hoyler’s priority on hiring minority teachers aligns with the NAACP’s Terms of Conciliation (below and page 7) recently implemented into LCPS (February 2021). Below this, you can also see that Mr. Hoyler’s priority on “minority”/”diverse” hiring practices also aligns with LCPS’s “Action to Combat Systemic Racism” (pages 12 and 13). It’s important to note, as you can see below, LCPS’s hiring practices are strictly based on “diversity”. Never a mention of qualifications or ability, 100% “diversity” centric.

NAACP “Terms of Conciliation”

LCPS “Action Planto Combat Systemic Racism

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