American Thinker: Practical Ways To Push Back Against Leftist Indoctrination In Public Schools

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American Thinker

By John Simpson

There were so many subjects I wanted to cover in this op-ed that I really had to think about what was most important. My list included the present and future horrors and bloodshed sure to emerge from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, both regionally and globally. I would have asked where all the unvetted Afghans leaving US military bases unhindered are going or if General “Marx” Milley’s intel (which he stands by vociferously) used to drone and murder an aid worker and seven children in Kabul came from the Taliban.

Then there’s Joe Biden, whose plan of American unity seems to be following the same template every totalitarian dictatorship of the last century has used, preferring the clenched iron fist of raw government power smashed into citizens’ teeth over the messy business of political debate, negotiation, and compromise.

But what’s arguably most important for America’s future is what’s happening in America’s schools. The left thinks it’s important too, which is why the FBI, fresh off its legal $86,000,000.00 bank robbery in Beverly Hills, is offering its fedboi protection racket to authoritarian Marxist school board members who are under siege from angry parents nationwide.

Just to put that in perspective, AG Merrick Garland, grilled by Sen. Josh Hawley in a February Senate hearing, declared that Antifa trying to burn down the Portland Courthouse and all federal LEOs in it was not an act of domestic terrorism because it happened at night when the court was not in session. This is akin to saying the 9/11 attacks would not have been considered terrorism if the planes crashed into the towers at night because the offices were closed, so only late-night workers and cleaning crews were there. But angry parents giving school board members First Amendment-protected verbal hell for the Marxist dumbing down of their kids, there’s the real domestic terror threat.

The time for commentary is over. The time for action is way overdue. The National School Boards Association has declared war on concerned parents nationwide, and Randi Weingarten’s NEA fully supports the feds going after innocent American parents with every Patriot Act tool at their disposal for the domestic terrorist crime of standing up to the radicalization, sexualization, and racial division of their children in far too many classrooms in America.

So, how do concerned citizens respond to the Pearl Harbor perpetrated on American parents by the NSBA, NEA and, now, the FBI?

Loudoun County, Virginia is the Ground Zero of American parents organizing legal ways to fight Marxist authoritarian school boards and a shining model for others. Many board members have been recalled and replaced. Beth Barts, the repugnant school board head of the snake who has coordinated efforts to punish complaining parents all the way to doxxing them and trying to get them fired from their jobs, just lost before by a Circuit Court judge when she tried to have dismissed a petition for recall, allowing the recall effort to move forward. Ms. Barts is also facing a special prosecutor investigation after Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj, who campaigned with Ms. Barts in 2019, was disqualified for conflicts of interest.

This is how you do it, people. There are a lot of other legal ways, too. Here are a few ideas, none of which are illegal intimidation, harassment, or threats. I believe they are just part of the public process. Please note, though, that I am not a lawyer and none of what’s in here constitutes legal advice. My understanding about the actions you can take reflects common sense and common knowledge, nothing more.

  1. Swamp the school board meetings. You don’t have to be parents to attend. All local citizens who pay property taxes for local education have a stake in the future of their community’s children. If it takes a village to raise a child, it will take a nation of villages to save our children from the educational equivalent of cyanide that will eventually destroy America as we know it.
  2. Ask Board members if they support the FBI infiltrating their meetings. They’ll lie, but it will be on record.
  3. Put a sign up outside board meetings demanding that any undercover federal law enforcement officers in attendance identify themselves and state their business. Do you trust the current FBI not to try to instigate a Reichstag Fire at a school board meeting to justify the FBI’s involvement in local matters? Local citizens and police know each other. Be very suspicious of strangers with neatly cropped hair dressed in Pulp Fictiondork clothes and wearing large black watches.
  4. If your state makes it legal to record people without their consent in a public space, including classrooms, tell your children to record any teachers pushing radical racial, sexual, and political doctrines. Identify, isolate, and seek the dismissal of any teachers whose only interest in educating children is filling their heads full of poisonous Marxist indoctrination and stripping them of their unique identities.
  5. Recall, Recall, Recall! Any school board members who refuse to comply with parents’ wishes for their children to get normal and healthy Marxism-free educations need to go. All of them.
  6. Contact other concerned parents’ groups such as the PACT: Parents Against Critical Theory in Loudoun County. If you want to learn how to fight an enemy in war, consult with the bloodied and battle-scarred veterans.
  7. Don’t be intimidated. If you stick to the facts and refrain from the narrow parameters of illegal speech, speak your mind legally in full, vehemently and passionately, as you see fit. America is a free country last I checked, though I find I must check a lot more often of late.
  8. Contact the NEA and NSBA and let them know, in legal but no uncertain terms, that you vehemently beg to differ with both organizations calling in the federal government against citizens voicing reasonable disputes with unreasonable school board members over insane educational policies.

Again, I cannot instruct you on the legalities of what constitutes legal speech or action in your community. You or your parents’ group may want to find the funds to consult a lawyer who specializes in speech issues to make sure you play it safe. We have the moral high ground and need to keep it.

Those of you who are parents and concerned citizens get the idea, though. This is just one battle in a much larger war Joe and his Marxist shadow government are waging against American citizens whose only crime is opposing their vomitous diktats.

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