Accountability IS the Cure.

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Trust issues.  Yup.  We have them…and as well we should. No one who has been abused by sell-out, liar, grifter politicians should ever operate under the assumption that we can simply walk into a new, political administration and they will hold true to their campaign promises. Afterall, it is politics.  That said, the silver lining of what recent years of political insanity has taught us is pretty simple: It is We, The People who are hurt the most by corrupt, weak leaders and terrible policies. And that is especially true when people refuse to hold them accountable for their ineptitude.

PACT has always stated that our fight is not about R’s and D’s; it is about parents fighting for our children. Our promise to our own kids, to each other and to everyone who supports us is that we will continue to hold every single person accountable to protect our community, and our future, from unsafe and racist social justice indoctrination and we will never stay silent when we have concerns.

That is why today was such an interesting moment in PACT history when Fox News held our new Governor’s feet to the fire, asking him to respond directly to our justified concerns as to whether this administration will or will not remove the tenets of Critical Race Theory. We don’t want lip service on a broad, brush stroke, three-letter acronym to check a voter issue off the list. That is why we were so pleased that Governor Youngkin gave a thoughtful, detailed response addressing the tenets of CRT and he let us know in his own words, that yes, he is listening.  Sidenote: We also quite enjoyed that his response was far more informed on the topic than say, Phyllis Randall, who is still blabbering on about how “CRT IS NOT TAUGHT” but will not (or cannot?) go any deeper than that or she’ll be forced to either promote or disavow the grievance grifters to whom she is beholden.  What a conundrum!

Anyway, the bottom line is this: NO ONE GETS A PASS.

We cannot afford it.

Virginia fought like heck to elect this administration in 2021 and now that they are in office, the work does not end for any of us. In fact, it is just beginning. Our Founding Fathers gave us each an incredible gift that some of us have still never used. A gift of civic responsibility. A piece of the pie. Ownership in the governance of our nation. But it only works when we participate, when we care enough to make sure that those entrusted with power are operating in ways that do not threaten our freedoms nor our children’s safety. To put it bluntly, we should side-eye when our elected officials, OUR public servants, aren’t behaving in the ways we expect, and we should NEVER be passive when there are obvious questions still left on the table. 

PACT is proud to say that we held ourselves to this standard and we are eager for Governor Youngkin’s team to deliver on their now on-the-record promise to dismantle the tenets of CRT, removing us from the business of Wokeness and returning us to business of Academic Excellence, where we should have been all along. While it has been a pleasant couple of days observing Governor Youngkin’s team making good on their initial promises, we are keenly aware that we have four (4) years ahead to play watchdog to protect the Commonwealth that we love — make no mistake, PACT will do it and we hope you will be right there alongside us. Our hope and our prayer is that Governor Youngkin expects his constituents to do this and based on his actions today, we are encouraged that just maybe, this is a man who is actually up for that challenge.

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