9/8/21: Shouldn’t “trans-vaccinated” be a protected status?

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This article and thought process may sound odd but is it? Use the SAME logic against them.

Natural News, 9/8/21

We should all consider “trans-vaccinated” as a protected status. It fits right in with liberal ideology. If a man can claim to be a woman, an unvaccinated person can claim to be vaccinated. After all, isn’t biology whatever you WANT it to be? “I self-identify as vaccinated. If you ask me any more questions about vaccination, I will consider it harassment and racial profiling.”

People should be able to believe whatever they want, regardless of the science, according to the Leftists – the liberals. Transgenders have these rights, and they should also be able to self-identify as vaccinated, receiving all the same protection as a vaccinated person (which is close to none anyway).

“Self-identifying” as a vaccinated person would probably be more effective than the “vaccines” are for Covid protection right now  

It doesn’t matter whether you’re gay, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, White, Black, Hispanic, or Agnostic, you can pretend to be a man or woman anytime you want, and that’s why you can also pretend to be a vaccinated person when you’re really not. Since the vaccines barely work and only for a couple of months, there’s no use pretending like they matter at all in the grand scheme of “medication” and disease prevention. Self-identify as whatever you like, and nobody can harass you about it.

Does anyone ask a trans person for their “biology passport” (birth certificate) to see if they’re really the gender they’re claiming? Why not? Is that offensive? Is that because it’s their private, personal information? We don’t ask for people’s birth certificates or medical records because that’s their own business. There’s even more to it, and it’s good news.

Self-identifying as a vaccinated person can be very “safe and effective” for disease prevention, because you won’t be shooting trillions of toxic protein prions into your blood, or getting gene therapy shots that instruct your cells to create blood clots forever until you die an early death from heart attack, stroke, or dementia. People should be able to believe whatever they want, but science remains. Vaccines are dangerous.

That’s why all the Covid jabs are considered a medical experiment right now. They are not safe. They are not effective. It’s time to self-identify as someone who is healthy because these so-called “vaccines” are anything but safe, and that IS proven by science

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