9/4/21: The Importance of SEL Development “Measuring SEL Using Data”. SEL Blueprint for Mind Manipulation from Pre-k to Adulthood

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For those unaware, “Social-Emotional-Learning” or “SEL” is 100% devoted to reeducating/reprogramming the way your kids think. At the root of SEL is Anti-Racism, Social Justice, Anti-White curriculum, and the entire purpose is to create equal outcomes through “equity”. When you see any of the following words/phrases keep reading and reread and this plot will become more obvious:

  • Transform, transformation, transformative
  • Change mindset(s)
  • Reeducation
  • Developmental, social, racial, equity LENS
  • Theory, theoretical as fact
  • Differential development
  • Skills vs mindset
  • Self and social awareness
  • Trauma
  • PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies)
  • SEL/CASEL in the same sentence as “Formative” and/or “Summative”
  • Developmental tasks

How do the school systems determine what phase of the developmental task your kid is in? Assessments. Opt-Out your kids NOW. I don’t need to be hyperbolic, all of LCPS’s material explains things better than I ever could.

  • Page 1: “Successful achievement of developmental tasks leads to well-being and success with later tasks, whereas failure leads to unhappiness in the individual, disapproval by the society, and difficulty with later tasks. Thus, a child’s functioning now and later is impacted by success or failure on these tasks.”
  • Page 4: Social Awareness from PreK – High School: Change would need to be addressed by practitioners in their choice of framework, development of standards, selection of assessment tools, and instruction/programming/professional development.
  • Page 5: “Unless we view SEL through a developmental lens, we cannot posit a theoretical framework that will allow us to formulate standards that can be translated into developmentally appropriate assessment and practice. For example, referring to responsible decision-making a developmentally informed framework allows for the creation of equally developmentally appropriate standards.” In other words, they MUST use SEL to instill a theoretical framework (CRT) as fact.

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