9/26/21: Attention Fairfax and PWC Parents, Please Feel Free to Register for the LCPS SB Meeting on 9/28 With Matt Walsh

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Attention parents and citizens of Fairfax and Prince William Counties, all of our counties clearly have school board/system issues, just need to check the news pretty much on any given day. This Tuesday, September 28 at 5pm will be public comments at the LCPS SB meeting, and the Matt Walsh event begins at 4pm. Please feel free to register and share your concerns with the LCPS SB. I know Mao Sheridan (Brenda Sheridan) changed the rules on who can speak or attend, all by herself, but just disregard. We need all the willing voices we can muster. If you’re willing and able, please register and have your voice heard. See registration links below:

Visit this form to register to make Live Virtual Comments at the September 28, 2021 School Board Meeting.

Please visit the In-person Public Comment Registration Form if you would like to make comments during the September 28, 2021 School Board Meeting at the Administration Building.

Please visit the Written Public Comment Form  if you would like to provide written public comments for the September 28, 2021 School Board Meeting.

Help and Share The Message!