9/24/21: LCPS SB Violates a Cardinal Sin….Asking for ID to Speak at a SB Meeting. Isn’t Requiring ID “Racist”?

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Ok, so what’s going on with ID’s? Isn’t asking for someone to produce a valid ID to vote racist? That’s been what said for years. These dummies at the LCSB are violating their own narrative by asking FOR a VALID ID to speak for 90 seconds. How does this work? Seems like ID’s are only racist when it suits their needs BUT are completely valid when it can benefit them. Remember this when these idiots run for SB next OR sound the sirens with this year’s and next years elections.

“Hypocrisy” was invented for people just like this

Those who sign up to offer public comment to the School Board must be one of the following:

Members of the public eligible to address the School Board include:

  1. Residents of Loudoun County (including incorporated towns within);
  2. Owners of businesses located in whole or part in Loudoun County; 
  3. LCPS students; 
  4. Parents and guardians of LCPS students that live outside of Loudoun County; and
  5. LCPS employees;

Those wishing to speak to the School Board must provide proof that they meet these criteria. The following means of identification will be accepted:

  • A valid Virginia driver’s license indicating Loudoun County residency;
  • A utility bill from 2021 with the resident’s name and a Loudoun County address;
  • A mortgage or rental lease agreement displaying the resident’s name and current street address of residency or business;
  • A current Employee ID or Student ID;
  • An email or letter from Loudoun County Public Schools to the parent from the 2021-22 school year regarding a currently enrolled LCPS student.
  • A student report card or progress report

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