9/11/21: UPDATE! Evidence of Chardonnay ANTIFA and Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj Targeted Kids

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On 5/26/21 Daily Wire posted an article about Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney @biberajbb and Chardonnay ANTIFA targeting kids on social media of parents they hate.

Chardonnay ANTIFA Messaged: “Anyone else with the racist TikTok’s from you know who’s kids please PM me.” Another member responded “fight this s**t together,” @biberajbb, the county’s top prosecutor, said “exactly. You are where we need you.”

Proof Chardonnay ANTIFA and the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney DID actually target kids. We do NOT condone the language & we do NOT know who the white OR black students are. That aside, this is the secret FB group @biberajbb belongs to and they did go after kids. How in the hell does Loudoun have a radical and ideological driven superintendent, school board AND a Commonwealth Attorney? There is NO WAY Biberaj can be an impartial “prosecutor” in ANY case that involves Chardonnay ANTIFA or the “Anti’Racist Parents of Loudoun”. She needs to be removed all together.

How much more of this tyranny, radical and spiteful behavior will the Loudoun residents endure?

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