8/5/21: Back to School is FOIA Time And Time For All Parents to Hold Their School Districts Accountable. These Are Our Kids After All.

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I don’t know about you, but “Back to School” always meant shopping for new clothes, sneakers, backpacks, and supplies.  I guess it still does BUT we live in a whole new and radical world, and now we must add babysitting our school districts to the list.  School administrations, many teachers, principals are completely untrustworthy, they have no problems telling parents bold faced lies.  With Critical Race Theory in full effect, ALL parents need to protect their kids, especially since our schools have failed miserably at it.  So what can we do?

Well, school districts don’t make it easy, and their lies only complicates matters.  There is no silver bullet for holding these reprobates accountable, so we have to disrupt them from many different angles and submitting FOIA requests is a VERY important tool.  

Submitting FOIA requests tend to make people a little uncomfortable, mostly because the perception is the process is complicated and unfamiliar.  Below is a very simple step by step process on how Loudoun County parents can submit a FOIA with (4) different FOIA requests types.  I can only hope other school districts have an easy system like LCPS.  Keep in mind that depending on what you are requesting, and the timeframe can impact whether or not you may be charged.  School districts often slap a hefty price tag on FOIA requests, especially when attachments are requested.

What do you do with the information?  Depending on the nature of the request, it may be a one and done OR it could be parts of a broader story that needs to be told.  PACT would be more than happy to help you expose what is hidden but your right to know.  Any questions, let us know.  Hope this helps and I hope LCPS parents become FOIA machines, we need all the help we can get. 

Step #2 Choose "Submit a Request" on Left Side

FOIA Example #1 Basic Email Correspondence Request

FOIA Example #2 URL (Website) Access

FOIA Example #3 Email Record and Attachments

FOIA Example #4 Social Media/URL Request

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