8/4/21: LCPS School Board Are Power Hungry Radicals that Marginalize Constituents and Minimize Concerns. New Board Meeting Changes

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In order to help assure the safety and security of the public, division staff, and School Board, the Loudoun County School Board is revising procedures for school board meetings including the public comment process and meeting attendance procedures. 

These modifications are in direct response to the increase in threats and the unruly and unsafe behavior at the June 22 board meeting. Specifically, ongoing security threats require a response that keeps public commenters, staff and School Board Members safe on school property. Although the School Board is committed to public input, there remains concern about the safety of all participants in the public-input process. The safety and security of all staff, students and visitors remains our highest priority. 

The Chair will call to order the School Board Meeting on August 10 at 4 p.m. Following the call to order, the Board will proceed with the posted agenda. 

On August 10, and for the foreseeable future, the public may expect to experience the following precautions and updated meeting procedures: 

Public Comment: 

  • The public may register for in-person or virtual public comment and will also be able to submit written comments, which will be shared with School Board members, in lieu of attending the meeting. 
  • The School Board public comment period will open at 9 a.m. Friday, August 6, and will close at noon on the day of the meeting. The public will be expected to fill out the registration form in full and register only as an individual speaker. Speakers should participate in one method of comment only. If duplication registrations are found, registrants will be contacted to see which method of participation they will use. Virtual speakers will precede in-person speakers. 
  • For those who have not pre-registered, walkup registrations for public comment will be accepted in person at the front of the building until 5 minutes before the start of the meeting. Walk-up speakers will be added to the end of the in-person comment list. Consult Policy 2520 Participation by the Public for details. 
  • One hour prior to the posted start time of the meeting, the list of pre-registered speakers will be posted and visible at the Loudoun County Public Schools Administrative Offices at 21000 Education Court, Ashburn, as well as posted on the school division’s website.
  • When the list of pre-registered speakers is posted, it will list virtual speakers first. Virtual speakers will be heard first, followed by pre-registered, in-person speakers and then additional “walk-up” speakers. Virtual speakers should sign on 15 minutes before the meeting’s start time. 

What you will see at the LCPS Administrative Offices when you arrive: 

Updated safety measures include: 

  • New parking direction for visitors. Follow the signs and the Loudoun County Public Schools’ Safety & Security Officer direction.
  • The public will use the West Entrance as in previous School Board meetings and be admitted to the building in small groups of 10 in order of speaking. 
  • The following items will not be allowed inside the LCPS Administrative building: bags and purses, backpacks, food, sticks or rods of any kind, voice enhancement devices, aerosols, noise-making devices, mace, pepper spray, supports for signs or flags, weapons of any kind.
  • Only people signed up to speak to the School Board will be allowed to enter the building. For everyone’s safety, no public viewing area will be open during the public comment portion of the meeting.
  • A list of public commenters (speakers) will be posted and visible from the front of the building. Pre-registered speakers should check for their name and order in the speaking lineup. 
  • Pre-registered speakers should line up when there are only 20 speakers ahead of them.  
  • 10 speakers at a time will be admitted to the building. Speakers will proceed into the meeting room. The next 10 speakers will be in line just outside the building and will be admitted as a group. The next 10 speakers will be forming a line to enter the building as the second group prepares to enter. 
  • Those speakers not present when their name is called by the School Board Chair have missed their slot and will not be re-called. Public input is always welcomed by the School Board at lcsb@lcps.org.

Second Day School Board Meeting Session:

For any School Board meetings requiring extension into a second day, for the safety of the public, staff and School Board, enhanced security and safety measures will remain in place. Capacity in the Boardroom will be limited (see Policy 2420 Meeting Procedures).

In accordance with SB Policy, public access is available through LCPS-TV, on Comcast Channel 18 and Verizon FIOS Channel 43. In addition, the livestream of the meeting can be viewed on the website.

Mask-wearing for in-person attendees will follow LCPS current guidance for the 2021-2022 school year and posted signs at the administration building.

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