8/30/21: PWC School Board Chair Babur Lateef Admits to CRT in Private Text Then Lies to Parent About Not Teaching CRT. Babur is a HUGE LIAR!

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LCPS’s Jazz-Hands has some competition with the PWCSB’s Babur “The Liar” Lateef. A concerned PWC citizen submitted a FOIA to the PWC School Administration and what he was provided is astounding. There’s probably 10-12 text screenshots but the most important one is below. Babur is chatting with Kate Olson-Flynn (not one of the Olson twins), a member of the PWC Equity Army and tells her that “Well I have always said that and I have maintained CRT is what we are doing here”. Followed by I don’t believe in transparency or public discussion”.

If this isn’t bad enough, read his email response to a parent from 8/17/21 “We do not teach critical race theory”.

8/17/21 Email from Lateef to parent “We do not teach critical race theory”:

Here’s Babur saying “God, Teacher, Parent” in that order. This man is a radical nutjob

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