8/23/21: LCPS SEL Brainwashing Partner “Second Step” In Full-Effect

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As part of Virginia and LCPS’s advancement in reprogramming your kids comes “Second Step”, “A holistic approach to building supportive communities for every child through social-emotional learning.” Boy that sounds nice, but man it is just NOT GOOD. As far as we can tell, Second Step will be heavily utilized in LCPS to push Social Emotional Learning (SEL). I’m sure there are some worthwhile attributes to SEL, then again, maybe not.

Below are what parents of an LCPS Middle School (Eagle Ridge) received today (via email). As you can see by the big bold white wording, they care very deeply about “Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias Resources”. While that’s bad enough, the real word to be up in arms about is “transformative”. You will see this everywhere and in a variety of different forms: transformative, transform, transformation. This is how the reprogramming of your child takes place. It’s not about education in what is now the traditional sense, no, no, it’s about reprogramming your kids to be something LCPS thinks they are not, Anti-Racists, which I suppose means they are going under the assumption that they are racist, therefore need to be transformed.

The new school year starts on 8/26/21, parents, I strongly encourage you to become intimately familiar with Second Step (link below) and then opt-out your kids from anything and everything you can. It will be a fight but they’re our kids and it’s worth every battle scar we may endure.

Second Step

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